• Sex Positions Tips For Virgins

    5 Sex Positions Tips For Virgins, How To Have Sex For The First Time

    How to Have Sex for the First Time? Losing virginity is completely your decision, when, where and to whom you want to lose solely depends on you. But once you are all set to shed your virginity there can be millions of thoughts, fears, hesitations and apprehensions gush through your mind. All of these are …

  • Tips To Last Longer In Bed

    10 Amazing Tips To Last Longer In Bed On Your Wedding Night

    How to Last Longer on Your First Night Sex? Males get excited quickly and if he has not experienced lovemaking before this excitement can be too much to handle. Over-excitement can bring early discharge and cause disappointment. On the other hand long, slow and passionate lovemaking can make first night very pleasing and memorable. Here …

  • Wedding Night Sex Tips For Men

    Wedding Night Sex Tips For Men, Make Your First Night Memorable

    How to Make Your First Night Memorable? First night after wedding is very special for couples. This is the night most of the couples get to know each other better and may even have their first intercourse. Nervousness, apprehensions, shyness and many other emotions can ride high on mind of both man and woman. If …

  • Make Out With A Girl

    How To Make Out With A Girl, Step By Step Guide For Make Out Session

    Step By Step Guide for Make Out Session With Her You might have done it a million times or trying it for the first time making out with a girl requires care and right kind of steps to avoid any surprises or unpleasing outcome. Here is step by step guide for make out session which …

  • Kissing Help You Burn Calories

    Can Kissing Help You Burn Calories And Lose Weight In Easy Way?

    Kissing is Good for Weight Loss and Health Kissing is way of showing affection and love for humans. We kiss whom we love and whom we love we kiss. A passionate lip-lock worth saying thousand words and conveys strong feelings to both the partners. But there is fitness aspect too involved with this normal act …

  • Frequent Sex For Weight Loss

    Frequent Sex Can Help You Lose Weight, Sex Positions For Weight Loss

    Best Sex Positions for Weight Loss Ever occurred to you that weight loss efforts can be so tantalizing too. No, it never occurred to you and so to many couples. But here is the truth that copulation can be good way of burning down substantial amount of calories off your body. We are not talking …

  • Health Benefits Of Morning Sex

    Health Benefits Of Morning Sex, Why You Should Have Sex In The Morning?

    Why You Should Have Sex in the Morning? Good sex is great for health not just physical but mental health too and morning sex is many times better. It is not only good for physical and mental health but gives that post-coital glow and attitude for real. In many researches it has been stated that …

  • Best Female Erogenous Zones

    10 Best Female Erogenous Zones To Drive Her Wild In Bed

    Erogenous Zones In Women Every female is different, their likings and dis-likings vary hence there is no one formula that fits for them all to please them in bed. Man needs to be inquisitive to find out what is that which pleases her woman in bed. It is not that difficult to find as it …

  • Stimulate Her Clitoris

    How To Stimulate Her Clitoris To Give Her An Intense Clitoral Orgasm?

    Best Ways to Give Clitoral Orgasm to a Woman Most men are obsessed with false assumptions to give maximum pleasure to female. Some popular assumptions are bigger size of male organ and higher intensity of lovemaking which can almost qualify as rough sex, are ways to satisfy a woman. It is not about displaying your …

  • Clitoral Stimulation Techniques

    Best Clitoral Stimulation Techniques To Make Her Shake, Moan And Scream

    How to Give Clitoral Orgasm to a Woman? Clitoris or clit of a woman has confused many men even the experienced ones. This is tiny structure located just above her vaginal opening over inner labia. The clit of woman is like penis to man. This tiny structure has many nerve endings and gets engorged when …

  • Slow Sexual Positions

    Top 5 Slow Sexual Positions, Best Slow Sex Tips And Techniques For Couples

    Best Slow Sex Tips and Techniques for Couples Every couple likes slow paced longer duration of lovemaking, it is greatly satisfying and improves bonding, but most of the time couples are unable to prolong the duration. Here are few slow sex techniques for couples which allow longer duration of sensuous and pleasing lovemaking act. Slow …

  • Indian Spices To Boost Sex Drive

    10 Indian Spices To Boost Sex Drive In Men and Women, Spice Up Bedroom

    Spices to Increase Libido in Men and Women Spices to increase libido in men and women have been used since ages for good effects. These are recommended even today in place of other commercial products which have serious side effects. Libido is desire for lovemaking and keenness to utilize every appropriate opportunity for intimacy. There …

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