Milk Thistle Capsules for Fatty Liver (Liver Detox)


Milk Thistle capsules protect the liver from toxins and other liver-related diseases, promote weight loss, control diabetes, and boost the immune system of the body.


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Milk Thistle Capsules (Silymarin)

Milk Thistle or Silybum Marinanum is a ten feet tall flowering plant, a natural herb native to many Mediterranean countries.

It belongs to the daisy family and its leaves, flowers, and roots are eaten as vegetables.

Its fruits are seed-like small in size and black in color which contains unique antioxidant flavonoids called silymarins.

These have been used for centuries for making herbal remedies to treat various health conditions.

Best Natural Liver Health Supplement

Milk Thistle (Silymarin) has impressive benefits. The Milk Thistle supplements for liver repair and maintains liver health.

It protects the liver from toxins and other liver-related diseases such as cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis, and gallbladder disorders.

This is because these capsules have the potential to reduce the inflammation as it is a good source of antioxidants.

People suffering from alcohol-related liver disease can experience a significant improvement in liver functioning.

Milk Thistle for Weight Loss

These capsules increase your metabolism and detoxify your body which sheds excess fat from your body promoting weight loss.

It has antioxidants which are the main components needed for weight loss as they help combat the free radicals and keep the body healthy and fit.

This supplement refrains the fats from getting accumulated and helps breakdown them, thereby turning them into usable energy.

It provides your body energy by enhancing the metabolism and alleviating the fat burning process.

Milk Thistle for Diabetes Control

Milk Thistle capsules decrease the blood sugar level by improving insulin resistance capacity.

It has a mixture of antioxidants, along with fatty acids and silymarin that work towards balancing sugar levels and regulating blood sugar.

Insulin-dependent people experience reduced daily blood glucose, fasting blood sugar, and loss of glucose in urine.

The insulin needs get reduced and diabetes gets controlled significantly.

Milk Thistle for Skin, Hair, and Health

Our skin is the largest organ of our body which can get rid of the toxins and viruses themselves.

But, when any disease or illness exposes your skin to inflammation and you face skin complaints like acne, psoriasis, eczema, etc.

Here, the capsules benefit you by cleansing your colon to eliminate the toxins detoxifying your liver.

This detoxification reduces inflammation and improves skin conditions. Moreover, it also protects your skin from ultraviolet rays.

Milk Thistle for Lowering Cholesterol

High cholesterol can lead to chances of cardiovascular problems like heart stroke.

Milk Thistle capsules work by lowering the bad cholesterol level and improving the good cholesterol level.

It is one of the most valuable and beneficial herbal remedies and treatments available around the world.

Milk Thistle for Strong Immunity and Better Digestion

You will only have a healthy digestive system when your overall body is healthy and the organs should function properly.

Milk thistle capsules maintain your overall digestive health by improving bile circulation, strengthens immunity, reducing inflammation in the liver, and repairing damaged cells.

It treats other digestive problems like constipation and irritable bowel syndrome as well.

It also takes care of your intestinal health by softening and moisturizing the mucous membranes, healing inflamed intestinal walls.


What do Milk Thistle supplements do?

Milk Thistle capsules are packed with nutrients to benefit our body in various positive ways.

Its seeds have a bioflavonoid complex known as silymarin, which is both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

The silymarin is responsible for the main benefits of milk thistle, which are necessary to fight health-related conditions.

It keeps the liver in good condition and working effectively by repairing the liver cells and creating a tough shield around it for future protection.

How much does Milk Thistle help the liver?

The milk thistle pills in India have a flavonoid called silymarin that works by protecting the liver from certain drugs and toxins.

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is one such drug that damages the liver because of its high dosage.

Your liver functions when the blood circulating in your system performs the chemical reactions to remove harmful toxins and distribute and store essential nutrients.

So, the milk thistle has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which help the regeneration of new cells and repairs the liver itself.

Are these Milk Thistle pills good for alcoholics?

For those who overindulge in alcohol, the milk thistle is the best herbal remedy to prevent liver damage due to alcohol.

When your liver cells get harmed by alcohol the Milk Thistle pills in India helps in the regeneration of new cells.

It contains silymarin which stimulates the liver to fasten the production of the efficient proteins and enzymes that alleviates healing.

It heals the organs from the damage that has already occurred and protects them from any further damage.

Can Milk Thistle capsules help you lose weight?

Not many are aware of the Milk Thistle benefits for weight loss. Yes, milk thistle supplements help you lose weight.

The capsules aid in shedding inches by cleansing the toxins and reducing the excess fat present in the body.

Can a liver cleanse help you lose weight?

It is said that when your liver is not in a good condition it causes the fat to build up. So, it is very important to detox your liver if you want to lose some pounds.

Unless your liver is not clean, no matter how many fewer calories you consume you won’t benefit.

A healthy liver encourages the fat-burning process and prevents the fats from getting stored.

Milk Thistle Supplements for liver cleanse are the best for detoxifying and gaining weight loss.

Can Milk Thistle help lower cholesterol?

Yes, the milk thistle supplements lower the high cholesterol by reducing the inflammation and preventing oxidative damage within the arteries.

It cleans the blood and raises the levels of HDL cholesterol, and reduces the risks of atherosclerosis.

How long does the Milk Thistle supplement take to work?

Milk Thistle pills in India will work gradually depending on an individual’s condition.

Do not expect quick results as this is not a miracle product, but it treats the ailment from its roots.

Regular usage of Milk Thistle supplement dosage for 3 to 4 months will bring the changes in you.

What are the side effects of milk thistle pills?

The milk thistle supplements are safe to use and impose no side effects as they are prepared with plant-based herbs naturally.

A person can consume these capsules for up to 40 months. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid taking these supplements.


Health Benefits of Milk Thistle Pills

Milk Thistle pills in India are used to enhance liver health that in turn protect the liver from harmful toxins, polluted environment, and a host of diseases.

There are various liver-related and non-liver-related conditions which can reap the benefits of Milk Thistle.

Milk Thistle Pills for Weight Loss

Milk Thistle has its effect on regulating the blood sugar level which plays an important role in losing weight.

When the blood sugar reduces an individual becomes capable of resisting hunger and having a calorie-controlled diet.

In addition to this, the milk thistle helps in cleansing the toxins and detoxifying the body. It reduces inflammation which causes low body energy which accumulates fats.

Milk Thistle for Liver Detox

Milk thistle has been in demand because it has an anti-fibrogenic activity which helps in cell regeneration. These pills work by helping stop the destructive acts caused to the living cells.

It also stimulates the growth of new cells in the liver and helps treat patients with liver damage due to chemotherapy. It has health-boosting supplements that improve liver health.

Milk Thistle for Infections

It has great anti-inflammatory properties that protect the body from any sort of inflammation caused.

It boosts immunity and eliminates the risks of toxicity from the body. This reduces infections and prevents your body from further exposure to free radicals.

Milk Thistle Improves Bone Health

As mentioned above it is a great source of anti-inflammatory properties. It protects the bones, muscles, and tissues from any kind of inflammation and cell damage.

It builds up a shield of protection that blocks the toxins and harmful radicals to reach and absorb into your skin causing bone health issues.

Milk Thistle for Cancer

Milk Thistle contains silymarin that has a mind-blowing impact on cancer cells.

It stops and blocks the growth of cancer cells by repairing the cell damage and regenerating new cells.

It helps you deal with ovarian cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and cervical cancer cells effectively.

Uses of Milk Thistle Supplements

The Milk Thistle is used in the treatment of many health ailments with its superb benefits. Some of them are:

Milk Thistle is Anti-Inflammatory

Milk Thistle has active flavonoids, which are collectively known as Silymarin. It has a large number of inflammatory mediators.

It heightens its anti-inflammatory effects when it comes to reducing pain and improving liver health.

An overworked liver causes more inflammation and Milk Thistle provides smooth and efficient detoxification.

Milk Thistle has Antioxidants

Milk Thistle seed extract has a range of fatty acids such as linoleic acid. The most important is the silymarin which is the extract’s most bioactive component.

Silymarin itself consists of several active molecules such as polyphenols and seven flavonolignans such as Silybin and Silychristin.

These compounds work altogether to promote an individual’s overall health and well-being.

Milk Thistle is Antidiabetic

It contains silymarin that helps you control blood glucose levels. It helps reduce cholesterol and is beneficial for type 2 diabetes.

Milk Thistle helps improve cardiovascular health by protecting cells and tissues of the heart by raising the good cholesterol level HDL and improve control of blood sugar levels.


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Milk Thistle extract

Direction of Use

Take one Milk Thistle extract capsule twice a day with water regularly for about 3 to 4 months to obtain good results.

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