Odorless Garlic Capsules for Cholesterol and Hypertension


Odorless garlic capsules help reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure levels and improve immunity and overall health naturally.


Odorless Garlic Capsules

Garlic or Allium Sativum is a member of the Liliaceae family and is an excellent therapeutic plant widely known for its culinary uses.

Now, it has been used for medicinal purposes as it contains a hundred compounds that are beneficial for maintaining good health.

With powerful antioxidants and good nutrient sources, it plays a crucial role in body functions.

Garlic has an active component which is a sulfur compound named Allicin. The Allicin has the power to restrain the germs from growing and reproducing as it has strong antibiotic properties.

The odorless garlic capsules help you take advantage conveniently if you don’t like its strong smell as these are odorless.

Allium Sativum Supplements for Good Health

You can enjoy the benefits of garlic with Allium Sativum supplements in India.

These supplements are coated so that they do not get dissolved in the mouth or your stomach’s acid. They dissolve in the intestines, where the absorption of the nutrition process takes place.

The garlic capsules are effective in treating a plethora of health conditions that are mainly concerned with the heart and blood.

It has an antimicrobial agent which fights the fever and effects of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. It also prevents cancer, reduces blood pressure, and lowers the risks of heart diseases.

Garlic Pills for Cardiovascular Health

There are many people in the world suffering from heart disease. Heart disease has become a common factor because of unhealthy eating habits and modern lifestyles.

Due to poor eating habits, people tend to gain fat in their body which affects cholesterol levels.

There is a significant rise in the bad cholesterol level, which is not good for heart health.

The garlic pills for cardiovascular health have noticeable benefits in treating heart health and reducing the bad cholesterol level.

It is a proven herbal supplement that improves blood circulation and preventing the hardening of arteries.

Garlic Pills Help to Lower High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the leading cause of heart attacks and heart strokes. Garlic capsules are a proven natural cure for high blood pressure.

It has Allicin, which decreases hypertension level by normalizing the lipoprotein balance. In addition to this, it also reduces fat deposition in the body.

It is hypotensive and thus can bring down blood pressure. It has rich chemicals present in it which reduces the spasm of the arteries reducing the blood pressure.

Moreover, it is also helpful in curing shortness of breath, flatulence, and dizziness.

Garlic Supplements Help to Boost Immunity

Our immune system has a crucial role in keeping our body healthy and fit. So a healthy immune system makes you healthy and keeps you away from diseases and illness.

The garlic capsules are a package of nutrients whether it is vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

All these are the elements that are excellent for alleviating immunity by strengthening the immune system.

Garlic capsules have antibiotic properties which help in destroying the microorganisms and microbes present in our body.

Along with boosting the immunity system, being rich in vitamin C and vitamin B6 the garlic capsules allow easy absorption of nutrients from the food that is needed by our body.

Garlic Capsules Help to Reduce High Cholesterol

It disintegrates the stored cholesterol in the arteries and is hence suitable to treat the atherosclerosis issue.

There are many cases where a person who suffered a minor heart attack has lowered the chances of heart problems by regularly consuming garlic capsules.

The Allium Sativum in the garlic pills helps by reducing LDL and triglyceride levels in the blood.

Regular intake of odorless garlic capsules also prevents the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and lowers cholesterol levels by about 12 percent.

Garlic Pills Dosages

Take one Garlic capsule two times a day, preferably with meals or as directed by the healthcare professional.

The dosage may vary depending upon an individual’s condition.


What does odorless garlic supplement do for you?

The garlic supplement has a list of benefits. It is a great source of antioxidants and is a good antibiotic, expectorant, and anti-diabetic.

Garlic is efficient for infections, bronchitis, colds, flu, digestion, circulation of blood sugar levels, and diabetes.

It helps in relieving the formation of gas within the digestive tract regulating stomach function.

It helps in slowing the progression of aging of your liver by stopping the lipid peroxidation and preventing the damaging effects of nicotine.

Garlic destroys infection-causing viruses and bacteria effectively. It increases blood circulation and creates more and more natural cells in the blood that fights and kills infections and tumors.

It reduces the risk of blood clots, which leads to most strokes and heart attacks.

How can Garlic help your heart?

The garlic capsules look after your cardiovascular needs and keep heart diseases away from your body.

Garlic pills for cardiovascular health lower the bad cholesterol and increase the good types of cholesterol.

It has shown benefits in stimulating the production of nitric oxide in the blood vessel walls.

Nitric oxide, which helps the blood vessels to relax and assist with fibrinolysis, which helps the body to break up blood clots.

As a result, garlic capsules reduce the risk of blood clot formation, thereby reducing the risks of heart attack or stroke.

How does garlic help sexually?

Garlic has aphrodisiac properties which are effective in enhancing the libido in men and women.

It can improve the lovemaking activity that has been damaged due to an accident or disease as it acts as a coitus rejuvenator.

Also, it is helpful for people who suffer from nervous exhaustion due to overindulging in copulation. It helps treat impotence and erectile dysfunction issues as well.

Impotence is caused due to inadequate blood flow in the arteries and erectile dysfunction is caused because of the hardening of arteries.

The garlic promotes blood flow and relaxes the arteries. It also stimulates the production of the enzymes responsible for improving erections.

How many Garlic pills should I take in a day?

To keep up the good health you can consume one or two pure Garlic pills twice per day. You can take them after your meals. Take only as directed and do not over-consume them.

Garlic capsules vs raw garlic – Which one is better?

Consuming raw garlic can be a little daunting due to its strong and foul smell. The odorless garlic capsules are a convenient option.

Garlic supplement prepared with a concentrated garlic bulb extract contains all the efficacious elements needed for perfect health.

What are the side effects of taking garlic pills?

There are as such no side effects of taking Allium Sativum supplements in India as these are herbal supplements.

These natural Garlic capsules are prepared naturally without adding any harmful substances or additives.

What are the ingredients of these Allium Sativum supplements?

Garlic capsules have one main ingredient Garlic blub extract.

Each of the garlic capsules contains 960 mg. of garlic blub extract which is prepared by the head of the garlic called blubs.

How long do I need to take these Garlic capsules to get a result?

With regular use of 3 to 4 months of odorless garlic capsules, you will notice a significant change in your health.

The Allium Sativum supplements in India can deliver you the results you desire.

Health Benefits of Garlic Pills

Garlic pills have powerful health benefits and curative properties. Here are a few garlic pills benefits:

Destroy Virus and Bacteria

It has antiseptic properties, hence it is used for treating infections.

Lower Blood Pressure

It is hypotensive which can bring down the blood pressure in people suffering from hypertension.

Good for Liver Health

It is a great stimulant for appetite and promotes healthy stomach functioning by flushing out toxins from the liver.

It stimulates mucous membranes within the stomach, which leads to the production of more gastric juices. These juices are essential for healthy digestion.

Hair and Skin

Due to rich in nutritional value, it is good for hair and alleviates skin effects of aging.

It has powerful antioxidants that target the free radicals in your bloodstream and prevents diseases and illness.

Provide Immunity

Garlic supplements to boost immunity enhances the vitality and inner body strength along with enhancing the metabolism of the body. It also boosts the immunity system.

It helps fight cancer and lowers the risk of developing cancer cells. Also, the immune system functions better during times of cancer.

Lower Cholesterol

Garlic helps in reducing the cholesterol that gets accumulated in the arteries thus good for reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems.

It reduces total cholesterol levels, including lower levels of LDL-C (bad) cholesterol while boosting levels of HDL-C (good) cholesterol.

Enhance Respiratory Tract Health

Allicin-rich Garlic supplements alleviate the respiratory system’s healthy by dissolving the mucus present in the respiratory tract.


Garlic has aphrodisiacal properties. It is used to treat impotence, erectile dysfunction, and low libido.


Garlic supplements with Allicin also help in removing toxins from the sweat pores by increasing perspiration.

Uses of Allium Sativum Supplements

Allium Sativum supplements are considered useful for the following diseases.

Sexual Problems

Garlic is good for rejuvenating love life for people who face sexual problems due to any disease or they get too much involved in the lovemaking.

It has aphrodisiac properties that help enhance the libido in men and women along with treating male health issues.


The garlic is a good worm expeller. It helps cure infections as it kills harmful bacteria, preventing useful bacterias.

It is the best remedy for treating bacterial parasites and infections in the alimentary canal.

High Blood Pressure

Garlic pills for high blood pressure reduce the pressure and spasm occurred in arteries and lowers the blood pressure.

It is also beneficial for curing shortness of breath and dizziness.

Heart Problems

Garlic pills for cardiovascular health can break down and reduce the cholesterol stored in the arteries.

It is effective in treating atherosclerosis problems. This automatically reduces the risks of heart problems such as heart attacks and strokes.

Digestion Problems

Garlic helps in the easy movement of the intestines which enhances digestive health.

It is effective in eliminating the inflammation caused in the gastric canal. Garlic pills are also used for curing colitis, dysentery, and diarrhea.


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Allium Sativum

Direction of Use

Take one garlic capsule twice a day with water regularly for about 3 to 4 months to obtain good results.

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