Ayurvedic Kidney Cleanser Capsules


UT Clear capsules are the most renowned ayurvedic kidney cleansing pills that help to detoxify kidneys naturally and improve overall health and vitality.

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Ayurvedic Kidney Cleansing Pills

UT Clear capsules are ayurvedic kidney cleansing pills. Kidneys like the liver are prone to suffer from toxicity and stones, these are filters of the body which extract substances from the blood which can be reabsorbed by the body and excretes waste substances and harmful agents.

Waste substances and other harmful compounds and agents are flushed out of the system through urine.

Some of these are in the form of crystals of minerals; when blood has a higher level of oxalate or uric acid levels these crystals can bind together to form stones.

These stones block tubules of kidneys and deteriorate their functions to cause serious harm to health.

UT Clear capsules are ayurvedic kidney cleansing pills that prevent the formation of stones, break existing stones and keep kidney functions upbeat to protect health.

Herbal Kidney Cleansing Supplements

UT Clear capsules flush the existing stone out by reducing bondage between crystals of minerals, these ayurvedic kidney cleansing pills increase urine output and flush pieces of stones out painlessly and without causing any damage to kidneys.

These ayurvedic kidney cleansing pills are wonderful stone-removing supplements and boost-up functioning of organs.

Stones, poor diet, lack of water intake and various other factors increase level of toxicity in kidneys, this toxicity allows passing of protein with urine which weakens health and deteriorates vitality.

UT Clear capsules are ayurvedic kidney cleansing pills which nullify toxins present in blood and also improve urine output to cleanse kidneys and make them healthier.

These ayurvedic kidney cleansing pills curb presence of infection-causing agents and inhibit deposition of minerals to minimize chances of stone formation.

These herbal kidney detox supplements also possess anti-inflammatory herbs which diffuse swelling and remove blockages to enhance kidney functions and keep them protected from toxicity.

UT Clear capsules detoxify kidneys naturally, flush kidney stones out and prevent formation and precipitation of minerals to maintain healthy kidney functions and prevent protein from flowing out of system.

Apart from these advantages ayurvedic kidney cleanser supplements maintain healthy urine output and flush out hormones that get released during stressful conditions to maintain healthy blood pressure and lower sodium presence in blood.

In women, these ayurvedic kidney cleanser supplements minimize the chances of UTI and men and women both maintain healthy bladder functions.

Best Herbal Kidney Detox Capsules

UT Clear capsules detoxify kidneys naturally and prevent problems like frequent urine, low urine output, and pain and burning during urination.

These herbal pills apart from cleansing these organs and improving their functions also improve the health of the liver and regenerate liver cells.

Ayurvedic Kidney Cleanse Infographic

Ayurvedic Kidney Cleanse Supplements in India

Kidneys are filters of the body. These remove impurities floating in blood and also useful compounds which can be reabsorbed by the body like protein.

These are also responsible for maintaining water content in the blood. The excess water is removed from the blood and passed out as urine along with filtered harmful substances.

Kidneys are capable of taking heavy load and can filter big volume of blood in a day. Problem arises when blood is overloaded with toxins and particularly compounds which precipitate and bind crystals of other minerals to form stones.

People consuming less water and mostly get dehydrated, eating harmful foods which are hard to digest, and in habit of smoking, alcohol intake etc. are at higher risk of toxic kidneys which may develop stones too.

Herbal kidney cleansing pills are useful ways to lower toxicity, clear mineral precipitate and prevent stone formation.

Prevents Stone Formation

Once the stone is formed it blocks tubules of kidneys and further dampens the problem. Blocked tubules allow a faster rise in the level of toxicity and aggravate complications to health.

Ayurvedic kidney cleanses supplements are not only effective protection against stones but these also eliminate existing stones.

Generally in popular medication stone removal needs surgical measures which are harmful for organ. But herbal kidney cleanses supplements flush stones out painlessly and without any need for surgeries.

Another major benefit of ayurvedic kidney cleansing pills is that these prevent the formation of stone in the future.

People after even surgical removal of stone can develop another one in a short duration, but with the use of herbal kidney cleanser supplement chances of reoccurrence of stone is minimized and person stays healthy and free of trouble in future as well.

Best Herbs for Kidney Cleansing

UT Clear capsules are the most effective and highly beneficial ayurvedic kidney cleansing pills.

These pills come loaded with herbs which are – Kulthi, Samudrasosh, Taj, Haubair, Patherchur, Kakadi, Alubalu, Kali Musli, Makoy, Kaknaj, Sonf, Karpoori Shilajit, Jawakhar, Gokshuru, Elachi Badi, Varna, Bastimoda and Amba Haldi.

These herbs provide varied health benefits that resolve the problem of toxic kidneys or renal calculi holistically.

Herbs like Sonf, Kali Musli, Makoy, Kaknaj, and Elaychi Badi are excellent for sound metabolism. These herbs help in the digestion of complex food items quickly and prevent the release of harmful acids.

Best Herbs for Kidney Cleansing

People consuming foods which release harmful acids during digestion like uric acid and oxalic acid are at higher risk of developing stones.

These acids work as adhesive and bind crystals of minerals to form stones. People consuming a very high protein diet are also at risk of developing stones.

High sodium intake is another major cause of toxicity and stone formation in kidneys as it inhibits the water removal process and lowers urine output. These herbs suppress all these conditions and help in keeping tubules clear and clean.

Flush Kidneys Naturally

The herbal ingredients of UT Clear ayurvedic kidney cleansing pills like Kulthi, Samudrsosh, Taj, Haubair, Patherchur and Kakadi are diuretic and increase urine output.

These are also wonderful in breaking down stone into fine pieces. These reduce strength of bondage between crystals and allow stone to disintegrate into fine pieces.

By increasing urine output these flush these pieces out of tubules painlessly and without causing any damage.

By eliminating stones and precipitate of minerals in tubules these improve kidney functions and keep them problem-free in the future as well.

Herbs like Shilajit are anti-ageing and immunity enhancers. These supplement super-charged antioxidants which inhibit free-radical mechanism in body.

Free-radicals increase oxidative stress and damage cells and tissues of the organs to make them weak and slow. This is reckoned as process of ageing.

Improve Kidney Functions

Antioxidants flush free-radicals efficiently out of the body and slowdown process of aging; these protect organs like kidneys, blood vessels, heart, and other vital organs and keep health sound and upbeat.

Along with other herbs these keep blood purified and control toxin presence to reduce load and improve kidney functions.

Apart from diet, harmful habits and low water intake other health conditions also cast negative impacts on the health of kidneys and raise toxicity and chances of calculi.

UT Clear capsules along with ageing also shield bad effects of health conditions like diabetes etc. and maintain organ healthy and upbeat.

Protect Kidneys from Damages

Certain types of medicines also damage kidneys and slowdown their functions to increase toxicity.

The use of these supplements protect kidneys from damages caused by medicines and maintain their functions. Poor liver functions and side effects of other conditions cause heavy load over kidneys.

The herbal ingredients of UT Clear capsules eliminate these hazardous compounds and substances from blood and keep the task simple for kidneys.

Even poor liver functions that increase toxin present in the blood are unable to cause any damage to these organs.

Some of the herbs in these pills are anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. These herbs diffuse swellings and keep blood pathways, urinary canal and other passages clear and free of blockages, anti-microbial herbs protect kidneys from bacterial infection affecting urinary canal or bladder which can reach up to kidneys and lower their functions.

UT Clear FAQs

Are these capsules safe to use?

UT Clear capsules are blend of highly effective herbs which are well-known for providing safe results. These pills are made under strict quality checks which makes them completely safe for people of all ages.

These ayurvedic kidney cleansing pills do not contradict with any other treatment and can be used without any prescription.

What are the ingredients of these capsules?

UT Clear capsules possess wonderful herbs as ingredients which are – Taj, Haubair, Kaknaj, Kali Musli, Patherchur, Kakdi, Haldi, Makoy, Samudrasosh, Jawakhar, Gokshuru, Shilajit, Varna, Elaychi Badi, Bastimoda, Ambahaldi, Kulthi and Sonf.

All these herbs collectively provide wonderful benefits and make kidneys and entire urinary system healthy and free of toxins. These herbs are suitable for prolonged use and are completely free of side effects.

How to use these capsules?

UT Clear capsules have been designed so that these remain easy to use. These pills do not require any strict regimen to show their results.

All one needs to do is consume one or two pills with water after meals twice in a day. Drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water in a day to stay hydrated.

How long do I need to take these capsules for complete relief?

These pills are fast-acting. Herbal ingredients of UT Clear can clear stones and precipitate of minerals, diffuse swelling and repair damages caused to kidneys in a short time but gain maximum benefits one should use these for at least 4 months. If you have suffered from stones in past continue treatment for 6 months.

What is the preferred diet during this course?

Eat foods with high fiber and high water content; avoid oily, greasy, processed and fatty foods and drinks like coffee, beverages, alcohol, etc. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

What are payment methods? Do you offer COD facility in India?

You can send us your payment via a few channels. You can transfer through NEFT or deposit cash in our account directly. You can also send us a cheque or DD or you can pay us on delivery if in India.

How do you ship UT Clear capsules? Within how many days will I receive these pills?

We value your privacy. The product will be delivered in a pack concealing all the information about the product. We will hand-deliver your order within 3 to 5 working days anywhere in India through FedEx.

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  1. Devansh Mehta

    I have used this for over 120 days and I like the product as it helps my kidneys to flush out toxins. AWESOME!!

  2. Sanjay Malhotra

    Fantastic results so far and I would definitely recommend this product to anyone interested in kidney cleansing and getting healthier.

  3. Misha Verma

    I’ve been taking this product for over 6 months. I don’t have any specific health problems but I take a couple of capsules once in a little while to prevent the problem in future. Many of us consume things in excess once in a while and it’s good to cleanse our kidney to keep it running smoothly.

  4. Harshat Roy

    I have been using this kidney detoxifier product for well over 2 years without any negative side effects and any other problems. It works great for me. I believe it did what it was meant to do so I would recommend this to my friends also.

  5. Jiya Sharma

    Great product, after using it for 3 days I noticed a change and felt like my body was getting rid of toxins. The product was also delivered right away.

  6. Sita

    I bought this for my Mom, who was suffering from kidney related problem. She says she is feeling much better since she has started taking this product.

  7. Naresh Kalra

    This product is really good for stone removing. This is helpful to keep kidneys toxins free.

  8. Sagar Kapoor

    Before you spend a bunch of money on a kidney specialist do yourself a favor and try this wonderful product. You will not be disappointed.

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