Ayurvedic Treatment for Enlarged Prostate


Prostocure capsule is an effective ayurvedic treatment for enlarged prostate that helps to improve prostate health and relieves its symptoms considerably.

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Prostocure Capsules – Enlarged Prostate

The prostate gland is part of the male reproductive system which is responsible for producing seminal fluids. These fluids accompany sperms on ejaculation and are responsible for carrying them safely to the woman’s egg.

Males ejaculate 20 million sperms per ml but most of these die much before reaching a woman’s egg, the male having a low volume of seminal fluids has lesser chances of impregnating a woman.

Prostocure capsules are an ayurvedic treatment for an enlarged prostate which help in maintaining this gland in pristine health.

These herbal prostate supplements are extremely beneficial for aging individuals who are common victims of the problem.

Enlargement of the prostate gland is also referred to as BPH which means benign prostate hyperplasia.

The prostate gland is bound to grow in size with age, a large percentage of males above the age of 60 years have enlarged prostate and this number goes up to 90% in the age-group of 85 years.

Ayurvedic treatment for BPH not only improves prostate health but also relieves its symptoms by shrinking its size to normal.

Herbal BPH Supplements

Ayurvedic treatment for enlarged prostate provided by Prostocure capsules protects a male from troubling surgeries and other clinical examinations.

The herbal ingredients of this ayurvedic treatment also handle enlargement of this gland caused by frequent infections.

Males practicing indiscriminate sexual behavior or suffering from issues like an involuntary discharge of semen during sleep also suffer from enlargement of the prostate gland.

This problem can occur in younger males too and hinder conception as well. Ayurvedic treatment for BPH improves prostate health occurring due to these reasons as well in a short time.

Prostocure capsules are herbal prostate supplements hence these are suitable for males of all ages and cast positive effects over the entire male reproductive system and overall health.

Ayurvedic treatment for enlarged prostate by reducing overgrown size of the gland relieves urinary problems like pain and burning during urination, thin urine stream, delayed the start of the stream and frequent urination.

By providing fast effects these protect a male from urinary bladder infections and UTI as well. Use of these pills stop problems like semen leakage with urine, excessive precum and PE associated with an enlarged prostate.

Prostocure capsules possess herbs which are anti-inflammatory and analgesic in their properties and protect the entire urinary system from ill-effects of BPH.

This ayurvedic treatment for enlarged prostate maintains higher blood flow towards the prostate gland and also protects it from ill-effects of diseases like diabetes.

This ayurvedic treatment for enlarged prostate protects vital organs like kidneys and other organs of the urinary system from damages caused by BPH.


Are these capsules safe to use?

Prostocure capsules are 100% safe and free of side effects. These have been designed to suit males of all ages and handle all the causes of the problem.

Even after regular use, these have shown no side effects at all, one can use them without worrying about side effects.

What are the ingredients of these capsules?

The herbal ingredients of this ayurvedic treatment for an enlarged prostate are – Gokshura Ext., Putikaranja, Puga, Shatavari Ext., Varuna Ext., Akik Pishti, and Elaichi.

These herbs make Prostocure capsules prolific and safe treatment for BPH occurring due to aging or other reasons.

How to use these capsules?

Prostocure capsules have been designed to provide easy to use treatment. These do not require any specific strict regimen to show their effects.

Take one or two pills twice a day and you will gain wonderful results over a period of time. Consume after breakfast and dinner with milk or water regularly without a miss.

How long do I need to take these capsules for complete relief?

Generally, people who are at a young age or have not suffered from the problem for too long use for 4 months is sufficient, but for treating severe symptoms and for elderly people use of Prostocure capsules for 6 months is recommended.

What is the preferred diet during this course?

We do not recommend any specific dietary plan for this ayurvedic treatment for enlarged prostate. But we do not say that diet is not useful, consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and wholegrain in a regular diet certainly helps in bringing faster results.

What are the payment methods? Do you offer a COD facility in India?

COD facility is available for delivering products in India. We also offer a cash deposit in our account for local buyers. For others NEFT, Cheque and DD are available to make the payment.

How do you ship your products? Will my privacy be maintained? Within how many days will I receive my ordered products?

You will get delivery through FedEx within 3 to 5 working days in India. Do not worry about your privacy, information about you and your order remains safe with us always.

As far as delivery is concerned it will be made right at your doorstep and to you only, the pack will display no details about the products and will have your name and address only.

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  1. Nisha Sharma

    My husband is 40 and has major problems with his prostate for many years. It is sometimes very painful for him. So I went searching for some alternatives then I purchased this product. It’s really starting to help him. He can definitely tell a difference. We both are extremely happy.

  2. Ajay Soni

    I have tried many prostate supplements until I found this one. It works the best of anything I have tried. I will definitely order it again.

  3. Vishal Nagda

    I was suffering from enlarged prostate but after taking this supplement there is a great improvement in prostate health. I would surely recommend trying this product for those having BPH symptoms.

  4. Hitesh Choubisa

    This is the best prostate support supplement that I’ve tried without-a-doubt it had worked for me. I am quite fascinated by the quality of this product.

  5. Abhijeet Sen

    Ordered this for my friend and he is very satisfied with the product. Will buy more for him!!

  6. Mahendra Sinha

    How does it work I don’t know but it does. I was facing prostate problems quite early in life, obesity and sitting job irritated it, symptoms of it are quite frustrating and most depressing is your verve and potency also suffers badly. With few weeks of use my condition was much better, I was urinating smoothly without pain and burning and there was no discharge. Few months later everything was perfect. My potency and verve were better than before and volume of my discharge also increased. Thanks to this amazing supplement.

  7. Mukesh Behal

    I thought my kidneys are giving up and causing all those urinary problems. But it was my prostate actually. Wasn’t it problem of aged, I am just 22 what the hell got me into this. It was my hand-practice habit actually which irritated my gland. Regular use of this wonderful supplement gave a new leash, not only resolved the symptoms but improved kidney functions. Now I am trouble-free and have gained better potency and verve. Tons of thanks to this supplement.

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