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Shabab tablets are uniquely prepared ayurvedic vagina tightening pills that help women to tighten their loose genital passage to experience utmost pleasure during lovemaking.

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Shabab Tablets

Shabab tablets are herbal vagina tightening pills which provide a female virgin like grip and intense sensation to gain maximum pleasure during lovemaking and surprise her partner.

Women loose flexibility, suppleness and tightness in their genital passage due to numerous causes, aging is a natural cause of the problem but apart from this diet, lifestyle, stress level, hormonal problems, and infections also play a crucial role in deteriorating firmness and flexibility of walls.

Once a woman loses the ability to provide a firm grip it not only disappoints her partner but wipes-off her pleasure as well.

Shabab tablets are fast-acting vagina tightening pills which not only provide a firm grip but also immense pleasure each time during lovemaking.

Walls in female’s genital passage are made up of tissues, capillaries, and mucous glands. When tissue generation is slower or blood flow is less in capillaries walls become lax.

Shabab tablets work as effective vagina tightening pills by enhancing cell generation and promoting flow of blood.

These vagina tightening pills also stimulate mucous glands and keep passage supple, moistness in passage keep walls flexible and also help faster tissue generation to make walls thicker.

Stronger tissues provide firmness to walls and make passage thinner to make the vagina tight naturally.

These vagina tightening pills maintain healthy PH balance and cleanse the entire passage flushing out microbes like bacteria and yeast which cause infections and raise problems like excessive discharge and dryness.

Shabab vagina tightening pills enhance sensation in genital passage and prevent pain and discomfort during lovemaking due to dryness or weakness in tissues.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Vagina Tightening

Shabab tablets keep female’s nerves active and strong, nerves provide sensation and promote full-bodied arousals on slight persuasion.

These also promote healthy lubrication to enable smooth penetration and increased friction to send stronger waves of pleasure during lovemaking.

Active nerves keep genital area sensitive and maintain the flow of blood during the normal state to supply nutrition and maintain healthier tissues and thicker walls.

These vagina tightening pills bring earth-shattering back to back climaxes and enhance a woman’s enthusiasm and participation in the act.

Shabab tablets bring results in minutes, a woman can feel growing warmth and wetness immediately after use and over a period of time make vagina tight naturally.

Shabab tablets not only tighten loose vagina walls but enhance a female’s drive, her ability to gain pleasure and also complete protection from infection, dryness, and irritation in her intimate passage.

These vagina tightening pills work for women of all ages and for those who are suffering from looseness due to age, menopause, childbirth or any other reasons like diet, lifestyle, obesity, etc.


Are these tablets safe to use?

These tablets are perfectly safe for use. Even after regular and prolonged use, these do not show any sort of side effects.

These contain pure herbs which are renowned for providing harmless treatments and special care is taken while making these tablets to maintain purity.

What are the ingredients of these tablets?

Shabab tablets contain ingredients like Gulab, Dridbeeja, Manjakini, and Alum. These are mixed in the right dosage so that their combined effects provide fast and long-lasting results.

The major advantages of these herbs are that they work instantly and their effects last for a few hours, on regular use, provide long-lasting results and tighten loose vagina walls.

How to use these tablets?

You need to use Shabab tablets regularly or every alternate day, insert one pill in your intimate passage half an hour before bedtime and get ready for nightlong pleasure and fun.

How long do I need to take these tablets for complete relief?

We would recommend the duration of 4 months at least if you have just now seen symptoms like dryness or lesser desire and drive.

But if these are old continue using these pills for 6 months. Herbs take time to show their effects and in case of old problems, these may take a little longer.

What is the preferred diet during this course?

Do not eat heavy, greasy and fatty foods. Also avoid alcohol, coffee, and beverages which can slow down metabolism. Eat fresh and nutritious and perform regular exercises for faster results.

There are few yoga poses that can help in enhancing the flow of blood and bring faster results along with Shabab tablets.

What are the payment methods? Do you offer a COD facility in India?

Yes, you can pay us on delivery in India. We also accept cheque, DD, and payments through NEFT. If you wish you can deposit cash in our account directly.

How do you ship your products? Will my privacy be maintained? Within how many days will I receive my ordered products?

You will get delivery in India within 3 to 5 working days through FedEx. We maintain your privacy at each step, right from order to delivery your information is kept confidential. You will get your parcel in plain packing which will hide all the details about the product.

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  1. Richa Gill

    Product really works. I love the way it has made me feel and my husband likes it to. I highly recommend this tablet to anyone willing to try it for vaginal tightening.

  2. Rohan Singhania

    I ordered this for my wife. Her vagina is much tighter than before. Will definitely purchase it again for her!!

  3. Diksha Lodha

    I purchased this product for my friend. She told that Shabab is the best supplement for vagina tightening. One should give a try to improve vaginal health.

  4. Anita Kukkad

    This has been an amazing product with mind-blowing results. My intimacy has no longer been painful and inconvenient. I recommend this product to everyone.

  5. Divya Ameta

    Great Product! I can tell a difference. I would recommend this for any woman having problem of loose vagina.

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