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Big B-36 oil is a specially formulated ayurvedic breast massage oil that help in natural enhancement and firming of busts and make them look younger and beautiful.

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Big B-36 Oil

Under-developed, smaller and saggy breasts cause embarrassment to women. These not only deteriorate the appearance of a female but also make her look older than age.

Women can try literally anything between this brown Earth and blue sky to get those bouncy, firmer and fuller busts and deep cleavage.

Big B-36 oil is one of the most effective ayurvedic breast massage oil which provides firmness and fullness to busts.

Massages with Big B-36 oil along with breast enhancement provide numerous other benefits that are wonderful for enhancing the confidence and psyche of a female.

Big B-36 oil is purely herbal and is mild on the skin; it can be used even by those who have sensitive skin without any fear of rashes or irritation on the skin.

Ayurvedic breast massage oil promotes fat deposition in the bust region to increase the size of busts and make them fuller.

This ayurvedic breast massage oil can suppress even genetic causes of the problem and resolve the issue of under-developed busts too.

The herbs present in this ayurvedic breast massage oil seep through the skin and enhance the growth of tissues particularly adipose tissues.

These tissues provide firmness and lift busts upwards to provide deep cleavage and cure sagginess.

Application of Big B-36 oil dissolves marks on the skin and improves its sheen and texture, this oil also removes lines and wrinkles that provides mesmerizingly beautiful and sensuous bosom to a woman.

The herbal ingredients of ayurvedic breast massage oil improve the flow of blood and maintain regular fat deposition to provide long-lasting effects.

Big B-36 oil provides fruitful results to the woman of all ages and even to elderly women who suffer from sagginess due to aging.

Herbal Breast Enhancement Firming Oil

Big B-36 breast enhancement oil improves nerve functions as well. This makes the entire erogenous zone of female sensitive which makes her feel young and desirable.

Dull and rough skin and insensitive bosom can make a woman feel old and unattractive from inside and reduce her confidence and liveliness.

Regular use of this herbal breast firming oil minimizes chances of formation of cysts and painful bumps which generally occur due to sagginess and aging.

This herbal breast firming oil also reverses ill-effects of breastfeeding and provides youthful bouncy, bigger and firm busts.

Big B-36 breast enhancement oil is a far better and economical option compared to expensive treatments that do not guarantee results and are full of side effects.

Big B-36 oil is the safest and easy to use a dependable method to gain attractive figures and charming looks at any age.


Is this oil safe to use?

Absolutely, a woman of any age and have any type of skin can use this oil without worrying about any ill-effects.

This oil is a combination of pure herbs it does not contain any harmful substance or material which may harm skin or cause any allergy or irritation.

The herbs, in fact, enhance the glow and texture of the skin and provide desired effects in a short time.

What are the ingredients of this oil?

Big B-36 oil possesses ingredients which are – Gambhari, Semala, Margach, Sivan, Kashmiri, Kumil, Mahakusumika, Gumar, Triparni and Sarvatobhadra.

These herbs before use are processed in decoction of Til oil which makes them highly efficacious and beneficial.

How to use this oil?

Take Big B-36 oil in sufficient quantity and apply evenly over breasts. Massage forming circular motions and sliding hands from under the breast till shoulders few times, perform massage for a few minutes and let the oil get absorbed in the skin. Repeat twice in a day regularly once in the morning and evening.

How long do I need to take this oil for complete relief?

We would recommend the use of this oil for at least 4 months. In some cases due to age and severe causes of the problem results may take a little longer. Even in such cases, this oil can show positive results in 6 months.

What is the preferred diet during this course?

Fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and wholegrain shall be part of your regular diet to gain nutrition. Including fat-free dairy products is also recommended to hasten good effects of herbs present in the oil.

What are the payment methods? Do you offer a COD facility in India?

There are a few easy options to make the payments. You can drop a cheque or DD, or deposit cash in the account. For easier options, you can pay us on-delivery in India or you can wire us money through NEFT.

How do you ship your products? Will my privacy be maintained? Within how many days will I receive my ordered products?

We ship our products through FedEx. You will get the delivery within 3 to 5 working days anywhere in India.

We value your privacy as much as you do, the entire order will be kept secret and products will be hand-delivered to you in the safe pack which will provide no details from outside. We hand out parcel only to the concerned person.

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  1. Poonam Dave

    I just started using this herbal oil. It works great to improve bosoms size and shape. Quick shipping!! I am happy so far.

  2. Priya Sharma

    Purchased for my daughter. Best Breasts Massage Oil to get firmer bosoms naturally. One should give a try to increase cup size. GREAT!!

  3. Rishika Mehra

    My cup size has always been something that has caused me self-esteem issues. I was really happy when I found this product and read some of the online reviews from others stating that it really work. It works for me also. Glad that I bought this product.

  4. Seema Singh

    I ordered this oil for my friend. There is a considerable improvement in her busts size. Would recommend to all those who are having sagging breasts problem.

  5. Shakshi Khamesra

    Best massage oil to get firmer bosoms naturally. One should give a try to increase cup size. GREAT!!

  6. Kirti Patel

    I bought this oil to encourage self-love as well as breast health. My busts ask for the attention now, whereas before they were quite ignored. I feel healthier and more grounded. Thanks Ayurved Research Foundation for giving me such a nice gift.

  7. Shavanya Joshi

    This massage oil is an amazing and its regular usage gives firmness and fullness to busts. This one is really very good product.

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