Ayurvedic Treatment for Loose Vagina


Vg-3 tablets work as the best ayurvedic treatment for loose vagina and help women to tighten vagina walls fast and naturally to experience utmost lovemaking pleasure.

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Vg-3 Tablets

Looseness in the genital passage of a female is fun-killer and affects a woman’s psyche badly. Women are not able to discuss this problem and quickly become a victim of low libido.

A firm grip over the male organ is needed for intense lovemaking. It is pleasing to the male partners and is equally necessary for the female partners as well to let her enjoy the act.

Women after childbirth and due to aging lose their tightness but there are numerous other reasons which can cause this problem much earlier in age.

The lesser flow of blood, slower tissue generation, dryness, frequent infections, and poor hormonal balance can cause tissue atrophy and make walls of genital passage loose and lax.

Laxity in walls of passage forms a loose grip over male organ and deplete pleasure during lovemaking for both the partners. Vg-3 tablets are an excellent ayurvedic treatment for loose vagina.

These tighten vaginal walls by promoting the flow of blood and faster cell generation, by promoting cell generation these rebuild tissues and make walls thicker to provide safe and fast ayurvedic treatment for loose vagina.

Some of the herbs in VG-3 tablets stimulate mucous glands and promote the healthy secretion of fluid, optimum wetness in genital passage keep walls supple and also flexible to increase their grip and provide ayurvedic treatment for loose vagina.

Tighten Vaginal Walls

Vg-3 tablets entire rush of blood in genital passage and open blocked capillaries. Blood flow in the passage also stimulates nerves and increase sensation.

These changes help in making walls thicker, suppler and flexible and make passage thinner to provide ayurvedic treatment for loose vagina.

These changes also heighten female’s pleasure during lovemaking. Vg-3 tablets along with ayurvedic treatment for loose vagina compound female’s abilities to gain pleasure during intimate moments by enhancing sensation and bringing full-bodied arousals.

These tablets tighten vagina naturally and promote smooth penetration, firm grip over organ brings highly pleasurable climaxes back to back to make lovemaking gratifying act.

Vg-3 tablets keep female’s genital passage clean, bacterial invasions and growth of other microbes can make walls lax and loose.

The ingredients present in this ayurvedic treatment for loose vagina maintain healthy PH balance and keep infectious agents out and prevent their growth to suppress itching, excessive discharge, and irritations.

Vg-3 tablets provide ayurvedic treatment for a loose vagina and also resolve problems like low libido, lack of climaxes and poor sensation in women to make lovemaking a highly pleasurable act.

These pills make a woman active and enthusiastic lover in bed and slow down the process of tissue aging by supplementing antioxidants like tannins. These also possess powerful anti-inflammatory herbs to heal swelling and cuts in tissues.


Are these tablets safe to use?

Vg-3 tablets possess herbs and no other compound or substance which makes them completely safe and harmless. These have been designed so that women can use them as long as they wish to and gain positive results.

These have been used by many women of different age-groups and have shown no side effects in any one of them.

What are the ingredients of these tablets?

Vg-3 tablets contain Dridhbeeja, Manjakaini, Gulab, Juhi, Alum, and Suhaga. These are trusted herbs which increase the flow of blood, cleanse genital passage and maintain lubrication to tighten vaginal walls and keep the entire passage flexible, thinner and supple.

How to use these tablets?

Insert one pill of Vg-3 tablets half an hour before bedtime and within minutes you will feel warmth and wetness growing and feeling of tightness in walls. The results last for few hours and on regular use tighten loose vagina naturally.

How long do I need to take these tablets for complete relief?

Though these pills work within minutes and give you plentiful hours of intense sensation and mind-blowing climaxes but to gain long-lasting results use these for 4 months at least.

Some women due to aging, menopause or few childbirths, may have excessive looseness or dryness in the passage, in such cases use for 6 months is recommended.

What is the preferred diet during this course?

Avoiding harmful foods and drinks is all that is needed. Minimize or stop alcohol, junk foods, and processed foods, also avoid long sitting hours and stay active during the day.

What are the payment methods? Do you offer a COD facility in India?

You can purchase this wonderful product by making payment through any of these easy options. You can pay via COD in India or NEFT, or you can drop a cheque, DD or deposit in our account directly.

How do you ship your products? Will my privacy be maintained? Within how many days will I receive my ordered products?

After receiving your order we ship your products through FedEx. You will get delivery within 3 to 5 working days anywhere in India right at your doorstep.

The product will arrive in a plain pack containing no details of the product or seller to protect your privacy.

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  1. Isha Sharma

    I decided to give Vg-3 tablet a try because I noticed that vagina weren’t as tight after having 2 children. I looked into getting surgery but found it was costly. After doing some research I decided to try Vg-3. After using it for 3 months my husband and I have started noticing some tightness which thrills us.

  2. Nikita Sinha

    I chose this product because of the reviews and I want something that will tighten my vagina naturally without any kind of adverse effects. And it works wonders.

  3. Samrat Malhotra

    This product is so good I just ordered 3 more for my wife!! Her vagina has never been this tight, and her stamina and libido has also increased.

  4. Ravi Soni

    I purchased this product for my wife. Her vagina feels tighter definitely, I would recommend it to any lady who feels they need help in that aspect.

  5. Priya Sharma

    This product works!! My husband and I have noticed a major difference. Completely worth every penny!!


    Do you deliver in Dubai?

    • Ayurved Research

      Yes but you need to purchase product from our international website https://www.naturogain.com

  7. Deepika Rao

    I have been taking for nearly 3 weeks. I will purchase another bottle. I have also noticed too much change in tightness. I have also experienced increase in lubrication and libido.

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