Ayurvedic Hair Fall Control Oil


Hylix lotion is an effective ayurvedic hair oil that helps to prevent hair fall, dandruff and premature greying. It provides nourishment to scalp and makes hair shiny, silky and bouncy.

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Ayurvedic Hair Oil

Dandruff and hair fall both are problems related to scalp and in this way these are interlinked as well. Scalp having dandruff cannot hold hair strongly at the base and allows falling off. People often need treatment for both conditions and Hylix lotion is ayurvedic hair oil which provides fast and effective hair fall and dandruff treatment.

Hylix lotion comes with herbs which improve scalp health and retain moisture and hydration to prevent flaking and also improve grip over hairs to check hair fall. This lotion is the best way to prevent hair fall and also to gain natural growth.

Best Hair Fall Treatment Ayurvedic Oil

The herbs present in Hylix lotion counter ill-effect of aging, poor nutrition, harsh shampoos, chemicals in water, harsh weather conditions and infection over the scalp.

All these herbs make it excellent herbal hair oil to prevent dandruff and gain a higher density of hairs.

Hylix ayurvedic hair oil comes with a formula that allows it to get deep into the scalp and open-up pores to promote hair growth.

The herbal ingredients of this ayurvedic hair oil stimulate follicles and nourish them to promote hair growth. Nourished follicles produce thick and healthy hairs that stay overhead for longer period.

The herbs of this ayurvedic hair oil keep hairs flexible and soft and also shinier and long to enhance the looks of a person.

Hylix lotion supplements nutrients and antioxidants to keep the scalp healthy, optimum nutrition provided by this ayurvedic hair oil keeps scalp healthily moisturized and its upper layer firm, optimum moisture prevents the scalp from flaking to prevent dandruff.

The herbal ingredients of Hylix lotion prevent dryness in scalp occurring due to any reason and improve the grip of the scalp over hairs to curb dandruff and hair fall both.

Herbal Treatment to Prevent Hair Fall and Dandruff

Some of the herbs used in this ayurvedic oil are antimicrobial and prevent infections over the scalp which promote dandruff and hair fall.

This herbal hair oil to prevent dandruff keeps bacterial and fungal activities away and maintains a healthy moisturized scalp.

People not eating proper diet or taking poor care of hairs suffer from the weak and sick scalp which allows hairs to fall off.

By using Hylix lotion one can gain faster hair growth, cover bald spots and gain longer, softer and shinier hair in higher density in a short time.

The herbs present in this ayurvedic oil maintain natural color and also prevent premature greying. This oil is beneficial for men and women both and works as the best way to prevent hair fall and gain lusty hair growth.

Hair Fall Control Oil Infographic

Hylix Lotion – Best Herbal Hair Care Oil in India

Hylix lotion is an effective ayurvedic hair oil for hair fall control. This oil is the best dandruff herbal remedy available in the online market for various reasons.

This oil has got very powerful herbal ingredients in it and we have been using these herbal ingredients for several centuries now.

These herbal ingredients will be able to prevent premature falling of hair in a natural manner. Premature hair fall is a very disturbing problem for many out there.

Only herbal ingredients can deal with this problem in an effective manner. This oil is an intensively researched herbal remedy.

Herbal experts had been working on the formula of this oil for several years before coming up with an excellent formula.

Herbs have been chosen in a careful manner to provide maximum effectiveness. These herbs will strengthen hair and that will prevent premature hair fall.

Ayurvedic Oil to Prevent Hair Loss and Dandruff

A-grade herbal ingredients make this oil very effective ayurvedic hair oil for hair fall control. One can easily say that this oil is the best dandruff herbal remedy.

This oil also offers nourishment to the scalp and follicles and that strengthens hair even more. Overall strength and health of hair and scalp will be increased tremendously with the regular use of this oil.

This oil is a unique blend of time tested herbs, in which the human race has been dependent for many centuries now. The effectiveness of these herbs has already been proven.

Moreover, modern medical science also has proved its effectiveness. These herbal ingredients ensure healthy growth of hair. Hair will be strengthened from the root with the regular consumption of this oil.

Prevents Dandruff

Hair loss will be prevented as well with the regular use of this oil. Dandruff also will be reduced with the regular use of this oil.

Dandruff is one of the major reasons behind hair fall and the herbal ingredients present in this oil will be able to get rid of dandruff in a natural and side effect free manner.

All thanks to the effectiveness, this oil is regarded as the best ayurvedic oil for hair fall control. One cannot find a better dandruff herbal remedy than this.

Controls Premature Graying

Premature graying can be brought under control with the regular use of this oil. One will be able to have healthy and young hair with the regular use of this oil as it has got very powerful herbal ingredients.

All sorts of scalp infection also will be treated with the regular use of this oil.

Relieves Headache and Mental Fatigue

The herbal ingredients present in this oil relieves headaches as well with regular use. These herbal ingredients are so powerful that they will be able to provide a cooling effect to one’s eyes.

One will be able to have a peaceful and sound sleep at night with the help of this oil as it gives a cooling effect to the head and eyes.

Improves Hair Growth

Hair color will get deepened as well with the regular use of this oil. Natural hair color will be maintained with the regular use of this oil.

The powerful herbal ingredients present in this oil are capable of improving hair growth and health in a natural and uncomplicated manner.

Adds Volume to Hair

The volume of hair will be revived as well with the regular use of this oil. This oil is an easy penetrating herbal formula and one should use this oil on a regular basis to see the amazing effectiveness of it.

Blood circulation will get improved as well with the regular use of this oil.

Repairs Damaged Hair

One will be able to repair damaged hair with the regular use of this oil. The herbal ingredients present in this oil have got the ability to provide essential nutrients to follicles and scalp and that will play a major role in reducing hair fall.

Several factors make this oil the most effective ayurvedic oil for hair fall control. Powerful herbal ingredients play a major role in this oil is the best dandruff herbal remedy.

This oil has got vitalizing herbs in it and they take full credit when it comes to the effectiveness of this oil. Youthfulness will be revived with the regular use of this oil.

The best thing about using this oil is that one doesn’t need to worry about the side effects at all.

This oil only has got natural oil and herbal extracts in it and they haven’t used harmful chemicals and other synthetic elements in this oil and that makes it very powerful and effective.

6 Best Herbs to Prevent Hair Loss

6 Ayurvedic Herbs that Prevent Hair Fall and Dandruff

Hylix lotion has got very powerful herbal ingredients in it. These are Bhringraj, Amla, Neem, Kalonji, Shikakai, and Henna. Let’s take a closer look at the herbal ingredients in this ayurvedic hair fall prevention oil.

  • Bringraj is a powerful and well-known herb that has been in use for centuries when it comes to hair care. This herb improves the growth of hair and fights dandruff as well.
  • Amla is a powerful herb that is known for its ability to protect hair. It reduces hair fall and strengthens roots from inside.
  • Shikakai is another herbal ingredient that is common in herbal shampoos these days. It has got amazing powers when it comes to hair care. It nourishes and strengthens hair.
  • Kalonji oil prevents hair loss, strengthens from inside, controls dandruff, prevents premature graying and conditions hair naturally.
  • Neem oil conditions dry, under-nourished hair, prevents dandruff and itching, keeps scalp healthy, promotes hair growth and helps to get rid of head lice.
  • Henna reduces hair fall, improves natural growth, prevents dandruff, controls scalp itchiness, works as a natural dye, repairs splits ends and keeps the scalp clean. It also makes hair thick, lustrous, soft and shiny.

Hylix FAQs

Is this oil safe to use?

Hylix lotion is a combination of herbs that have been used since ancient times for keeping hairs healthy and their growth optimum.

This oil is made by protecting the purity and efficacy of these herbs to deliver highly beneficial and completely safe products. Men and women of all ages can use this wonderful herbal supplements without any fear of side effects.

What are the ingredients of this oil?

This ayurvedic hair oil possesses time-tested herbal remedies as ingredients, these are – Bhringraj, Amla, Neem, Kalonji, Shikakai, and Henna.

These herbs are mixed in perfect dosage to deliver wonderful results and prevent dandruff and hair fall effectively. Regular use of this oil promotes faster hair growth and maintains shine, color, and thickness of hairs.

How to use this oil?

Take Hylix lotion in sufficient quantity and apply over scalp evenly with your fingers. It will be best to apply this ayurvedic hair oil at night and wash off with water in the morning.

How long do I need to use this oil for complete relief?

We would recommend that you use this oil for at least 4 months to eradicate all the causes of dandruff and hair fall.

In many cases, the problem can be due to poor health and infections in scalp, continue using this oil for 6 months if you have severe hair-fall and chronic dandruff and also bald spots.

What is the preferred diet during this course?

Eat nutritious diets and include flaxseeds, walnuts, almonds, legumes, and vegetables in your regular diet. Avoid harmful foods that are oily, processed or spicy in nature.

Drink plenty of water during the day and avoid use of harsh shampoos, hairdryers, creams, and gels.

What are the payment methods? Do you offer a COD facility in India?

There are few easy methods to make payments to order this wonderful hair oil. Send us a cheque or DD or you can deposit cash in our account.

If you are in India you can pay us on delivery or you can send us through NEFT from anywhere in the world.

How do you ship Hylix? Within how many days will I receive it?

We ship our products through FedEx. We value your privacy and ensure that the product is well-packed to hide all the details at the time of delivery.

We also ensure that the product is hand-delivered to you. You will get your order within 3 to 5 working days anywhere in India.

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  1. Aditya Singh

    It’s a wonderful product. Recently I have started to notice that my hair is thinning. I have no idea what caused the hair loss but as soon as I noticed it, I wanted to do something about it. That’s why I purchased this product. Really worked well for me!!

  2. Daksha Raichand

    I love the way my hair feels when I use this hair oil. I’ve been using it for two months now and can see a difference. I highly suggest this product to anyone having hair loss problem.

  3. Aadil Khan

    My wife and I both use this hair lotion. Overall I am happy with its performance. I can say that it helps to stop hair fall. My hair feels healthier from before.

  4. Shakshi Khamesra

    Used for couple of weeks, looks like my hair is stronger. My dandruff problem is cured with this hair oil.

  5. Sunita Singh

    Amazing ingredients and very effective to prevent premature graying of hair, highly recommended!! LOVED IT!!

  6. Natasha

    Best hair oil I use it for smoothing hairs. My son who has severe dry scalp after a few uses his head started to clear up.

  7. Sarika Hemant

    Hi guys! My complaint of heavy hair loss is almost gone. I have healthy hair now after using Hylix. Results are excellent and proven.

  8. Ridhi Goyal

    Great hair oil for my daughter’s dry curly hair!

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