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Overnight oil is a special formulation of potent herbs and natural oils that prevent erectile dysfunction and helps men to get long lasting erections naturally.

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Overnight Oil – Erection Oil

Erectile dysfunction is a sign of impotency and reducing the virility of a male. Males in the beginning experience slowness and softness in their erections which can later turn into reducing interest for lovemaking and short term erections or no erection at all.

This problem is as severe over male’s psyche as it is over his love-life, and can make him depressed, lonely and frustrated in no time. Overnight oil is ayurvedic erection oil designed to alleviate the problem of ED.

This is herbal oil for long-lasting erections which promotes powerful and quick erections and also increases erection size naturally.

Males gain an erection when the brain rushes blood towards the genital region on arousal this blood gets absorbed in tissues located in the shaft of a male organ, these tissues after absorbing blood become stiff and bigger, the growth in size and stiffness in tissues determine hardness and size of male’s erection.

The male organ stays stiff till tissues hold blood. Males suffer from ED, because they do not get aroused, or does not gain an optimum rush of blood on arousal, they may also suffer from weak tissues which do not grow in size or get stiff sufficiently.

Overnight ayurvedic erection oil resolves these issues and provides other benefits to make a male intense lover in bed.

Herbal Oil for Long Lasting Erections

This natural oil for long-lasting erections dilates blood vessels to ensure the rush of blood on arousal and healthy flow of blood during normal state.

Health flow of blood reenergizes nerves which promote a higher sensation and quick arousals and also make tissues of male organs stronger and enduring.

This ayurvedic erection oil ensures supplementation of nutrition to the testicular region and prostate gland which increases volume and quality of semen and also elevates testosterone hormone levels.

Higher testosterone rejuvenates the entire male reproductive system and increases libido and sexual energy of a male.

Regular use of Overnight oil reverse weaknesses, disorders, and debilities and resolve the problem of ED, along with treatment of ED this ayurvedic erection oil make a male capable of making love for longer duration and in multiple sessions.

By reenergizing the reproductive system, this ayurvedic erection oil increases a male’s libido and potency considerably.

Overnight oil makes tissues of male organ bigger and stronger, bigger tissues grow more in size and increase erection size naturally. On regular use, one can see measurable increase in length and girth of his organ.


Is this oil safe to use?

Overnight oil is a combination of safe and highly effective herbs and herbal oils. This is designed and developed through strict processes to keep it harmless for delicate and sensitive skin of genitals. Even after regular use, this oil causes no side effects or irritation.

What are the ingredients of this oil?

Overnight ayurvedic erection oil has a perfect combination of herbal ingredients. These are – Kesar, Javitri, Long, Semal, Jaiphal, Aak ka Doodh, Beer buti, and Ghee.

These are mixed in perfect dosage to make Overnight oil an all-round solution to the problem of ED and low libido. It also cures problems like low semen volume and weak reproductive system.

How to use this oil?

Massage Overnight oil male organ twice in a day once in the morning and later in the evening. Perform massages with a light hand and for a few minutes till oil gets absorbed in the skin. Maintain regularity and continue for the required duration to gain amazing results.

How long do I need to use this oil for complete relief?

Overnight oil is so fast in its effects that one can feel the difference right from day one, but do not get satisfied with early positive results continue this for at least 4 months to eradicate the problem out.

If symptoms are severe and old ayurvedic erection oil may take more time to resolve deep lying issues, use for 6 months is recommended in such cases to gain long-lasting positive results.

What is the preferred diet during this course?

A healthy diet can be helpful as it supplements nutrition and improves the level of energy. Avoid harmful foods and drinks and lead an active daily routine.

Include fresh fruits, vegetables and wholegrain in your diet and eat at proper timings to ensure smooth digestion.

What are the payment methods? Do you offer a COD facility in India?

Payments can be made by sending us a cheque or DD, you can also deposit cash in our account or wire us money through NEFT. For Indian buyers or for supplying the product within India we also offer the facility of COD.

How do you ship your products? Will my privacy be maintained? Within how many days will I receive my ordered products?

You will get the delivery in a discreet packing right at your doorstep, we cover the details about the product and maintain your privacy, and delivery will be made only to the concerned person. We use FedEx to supply products and deliver within 3 to 5 working days within India.

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  1. Shyam Soni

    Purchased this for my friend!! It increases his libido, sexual urges, erections and stamina. I’m honestly amazed by the effects of it.

  2. Sangram Singh

    This bottle of magic has changed my sexual life. I noticed a great improvement in erection size. Highly Recommend!!

  3. Aryan Malhotra

    Really helpful – After a week, I could feel the difference, a considerable improvement in both my mood and erection. I truly recommend this product to others who want a spark in there love life.

  4. Mohit Sehgal

    This male enhancement oil is of very high quality and extremely effective. Results took a while, but once I finally could feel the difference. I am very satisfied.

  5. Ayesha Khanna

    I got this for my husband. We can see a significant improvement in energy and stamina level. Would buy more!!

  6. Kishan Puri

    My male organ never grew more than 3 inches on arousal. It was shameful and very embarrassing. I gave up hope of having a satisfactory love-life till I came across this oil. Within minutes of application on first day I could feel the change. Regular use for few weeks gave me what I once thought elusive. Now I have a manhood that makes any woman’s jaw drop on first sight. I am confident man now full of life and eager for romance.

  7. Amar Tripati

    Thanks guys for making such an amazing product. It is easy and safe to use and works almost instantly. First application let you enjoy whole night of passion. I use it regularly and it has turned me into love-machine. My wife is simply jubilant and completely amazed by my lovemaking abilities. Never thought that I would be in so much control and would dictate terms to my woman in bed. It has changed our married life into a passionate togetherness.

  8. Abdul

    Ever saw a girl laughing in the room when you drop your pants in front of her. I bet you would love to throw yourself out of the window. This happened to me on my first night. Someone recommended this oil and I started using it. Right after first application things started moving in right direction. After few weeks on my next date the girl moaned at sight of my manhood. It is wonderful supplement and delivers what it promises. Highly recommended.

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