Natural Ways to Make Vagina Tighter Fast

Natural Ways to Tighten a Loose Vagina

How to Tighten a Loose Vagina?

Women generally complain time and again about their genital passage being ‘loose’ and due to this problem their respective partners are unable to enjoy the lovemaking activities to the extent they did before. As a result, resounding questions arise among the female fraternity such as “How to tighten a loose vagina?” or “How to make vagina tighter fast” or “What are the safest ways to tighten your vagina?” In order to arrive at the best solutions and find plausible answer to these queries, we must first clearly understand the notion of slack female genitalia. The female genital passage is a very elastic and adjustable organ up to a large degree all due to the presence of ringed muscular ridges or the pubococcygeus that helps in expansion or stretching during copulation, pregnancy, etc. Generally after these activities, the genital passage again reverts back to the previous pre-stretched position. This problem of loose genital walls is so complicated that it is surrounded by so many false notions and myths such as if a girl loses her virginity, or engages in coitus with more than one partner or has frequent coitus, the tightness is gone forever.

Well, it is quite surprising that not many people know that all of the above mentioned ideas are in fact absolutely wrong. The female genital passage is tightly folded and tightened by surrounding pelvic floor muscles. During arousal or coitus, the genital passage stretches out but regains its original position as soon it is done. Even if a woman engages in coitus a 100 times or more, every time her genitalia snaps back to its previous state because of its elasticity. Normally, after passing of six to seven months after childbirth, the original flexibility of the female organ is again restored back. But in some exceptional cases, the female genital organ is unable to recover the original extent of tightness post-childbirth. As we all know that intimacy and closeness is an integral part of marital relationships. It’s true that due to the loose genital walls, the lovemaking activities become far less pleasurable and which may be the cause of dull or tensed relationships. Here is where the question – ‘How to tighten vagina’ becomes very vital. Hence, one must immediately take right steps to tighten loose vagina using a safe, efficient as well as cost effective method.

Women whose genital passage is loose are concerned about these situations usually take the aid of loose vagina treatment like cosmetic surgeries and creams to make genital passage tighter fast. But, they must not at all put their faith in vagina tightening treatment as creams or lotions as they are comprised of harmful chemicals which may lead to serious repercussions to their health. If you or anyone in your acquaintance is using them, they must immediately stop doing so. Surgical techniques attempt to tighten loose genital passage by altering the genital tissues and repair the tears in them but these processes are not only costly but are also not very trustworthy and should be avoided to a large extent. So you might be thinking that how to tighten loose genital passage naturally and reliably? For the sensitive issue of loose genital passage, natural ways are more preferable due the high modicum of safety and reliability in these measures. So if you are the one who is going through this frustrating problem and want to arrive at the best answer of how to tighten vagina then you are at the right place. Here in this article we will deeply study this problem and will basically focus on the natural remedies to make it tighter fast.

Causes of Loose Vagina

In order to facilitate coition, during the time of arousal the muscles of woman’s genitalia tend to get relaxed and hence allowing smooth insertion of the male organ. Even during the reproduction process, the genital passage expands to have pregnancy free of complications. This stretching of genitalia is taken out along with natural lubrication so as to carry out childbirth or coition comfortably. Although lovemaking does not cause any sort of looseness in genitalia at all but in case of pregnancy, the tightening may take few months time. In rare cases, but not that uncommon, pre-stretched position of genitalia is not restored back. There are even other many causes of loose genital walls and we shall discuss them one by one.

Old age: Most women whose genital passage is loose are in their old age generally after their 40s or 50s. This is because menopause hits most women at this age. The female reproductive system goes through many phases and hormonal changes during menopause. The tissue regeneration and blood flow towards the organ is drastically slowed down during old age which leads to this problem. It is hence a worrisome issue that affects the degree of intimacy that partners share with one another and compels women to take preferable an ayurvedic treatment for loose vagina.

Childbirth: During pregnancy, the female birth canal has to expand and stretch out enormously. The genital passage is loose for about six months post-pregnancy or post-partum period. Normally for most women, the tightness in their genitalia is restored months after their pregnancy. But in exceptional cases, the looseness stays long after childbirth which is a matter of concern. Sometimes, having more than one natural delivery also often leads to this problem and calls for an effective natural treatment for how to tighten vagina naturally.

Episiotomy: This cause is also more or less related to childbirth. Episiotomy is a surgical procedure in which the obstetrician makes an incision in the genital wall in order to facilitate pregnancy. It is undertaken in the second stage of labor so that opening of the birth canal gets quickly enlarged and the baby easily passes out of it. This method is generally preferred in case of baby getting stuck in the birth canal and also leads to a loose genital passage after pregnancy.

Hormonal Imbalance: Hormonal disturbances are also one of the potent reasons of loose female genitalia. When a woman’s hormonal balance goes awry, detrimental repercussions occur pertaining to her reproductive health such as loose genital walls. A good ayurvedic product is infused with all necessary ingredients that eradicate all sorts of hormonal aberration in a female’s reproductive system.

Poor Nutrition: Inadequate level of nourishment and poor nutrition also aggravate the problem of slack genital passage. Proper nutrition levels in the female’s body ensure the overall well-being of her reproductive system and also prevent the problem of loose genitalia. Hence, a woman must take a balanced and nutritious diet full of essential micronutrients in case her genital passage is loose and to maintain a sound health.

Bad Sexual Practices: Bad lovemaking practices such as frequent or improper fisting, double fisting, punching, or using large adult toys may contribute to the problem of loose genital walls and must be avoided all together because they can wreck havoc in the tightness of female reproductive organ and such severe cases would require a potent vagina tightening treatment.

Why Is It Important to Tighten Your Vagina?

The major reason for undertaking loose vagina treatment is to have a pleasurable lovemaking experience, both for the man and woman. As we all know, that having a delightful lovemaking activity is crucial for ushering happiness and satisfaction in a strong marriage. Women whose genital passage is loose are unable to have a firm grip and are incapable of holding the male organ. It is an embarrassing situation for a woman as she fails to give satisfaction to her partner resulting in the total loss of excitement during intercourse. Partners usually complain and bicker about the lack of stimulation and enjoyment during their night sessions. This in turn can be a source of constant quarrels and arguments between the couple.

Orgasm occurs due to friction between female genitalia and penis but sagged genitalia reduce this friction which results in delayed or no orgasm. Due to this, the lovemaking activities may no longer feel enjoyable and the partner would lose interest in engaging in coitus. It can shun the passion and excitement out of your relationship and render it extremely boring and dull. Hence, a woman must go for an herbal treatment in order to make genital passage tighter fast and re-establish a candid marital life full of thrill and fun. This is the first and foremost reasons to find best possible answer to how to tighten vagina.

Another reason to tighten up genital passage as soon as possible is to mitigate its unpleasant effects. Urinary incontinence and uterine prolapse are two such major symptoms which are highly undesirable and pernicious. By urinary incontinence we mean inability to hold urinary urges and involuntary leakage of urine when you don’t intend to such as while laughing, sneezing or coughing. Uterine prolapse is far more severe condition in which the uterus descends or slips down the genitals from its normal position because the loose muscles of genitalia are unable to provide adequate support to it. Hence, it is mandatory for a woman to pay heed to this problem and find the best possible solution.

Exercises to Tighten a Loose Vagina

Kegel exercises or pelvic floor muscle training have been providing excellent results to tighten loose vagina and showing noteworthy improvement in urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence (leakage of stools), uterine prolapse and other pelvic floor problems. Pelvic floor muscles are very crucial in supporting uterus, urinary bladder, rectum as well as small intestine. Weakening of these muscles lead to many negative effects as we have discussed above and hence it is the call of the hour to perform Kegel exercises in order to strengthen them and make genital passage tighter fast. Kegel exercises are extremely simple to learn, remember and perform. One can easily do them anytime whether one is at home or even at office. These exercises do not take much time and one needs to spare only a couple of minutes and get wonderful benefits out of them. One can easily incorporate these easy exercises in one’s daily routine and prevent as well as efficiently answer to how to tighten vagina.

These exercises along with sex therapy can be done during post-pregnancy period in order to cure genital looseness and inability to reach orgasm. Follow this step-by-step approach of Kegel exercises regimen diligently in order to avail outstanding progress –

Identify Pelvic Floor Muscles

Before, actually doing Kegel exercises, finding the right muscle or identification of pelvic floor muscles is a very important task. The best method of doing that is to stop urinating in the mid-stream. If you succeed in doing so, then you have identified the right muscles. Continue and finish of urinating after that. You will have a pronounced sense of where your pelvic muscles are and then you can continue your regimen after finding them.

A word of caution – Do not try this activity again as a part of your daily Kegel regimen. It is just a preliminary identification process that needs to be done in order to find those muscles and not a Kegel exercise itself. Frequent stopping midway during urination can cast negative impact and make your muscles get weaker.

Other Methods Of Identification

If you are facing problem with identifying those pelvic floor muscles using the aforementioned procedure, then do not panic as there are few other methods that are equally helpful in this regard. Make sure your hands are clean before doing this. Place your fingers inside your private organ and try squeezing the muscles. You will feel the pelvic floor muscles kind of tighten a bit. Relax yourself and you will again feel these muscles relaxing. These muscles are exactly what you must be aiming for. You can also use a small hand mirror to locate those muscles. Try squeezing and relaxing the muscles you think are the Kegels and you will be able to see these movements clearly on the mirror.

Getting Started

After you have identified your Kegels, make sure you check few of these requirements before actually performing them to tighten up genital passage. First and most important of all, perform a bladder check and make sure it is completely empty. A full or partially full bladder may pose hindrances such as causing pain or even urinal leakage during the exercises. Getting into a comfortable position is also the second most vital thing that one should focus on. The one of the best perks of Kegel exercises to make genital passage tighter fast is that they are can be performed anywhere without consuming much time. One can easily perform them sitting on a chair or lying on floor. Choose the appropriate and most comfortable position according to yourself.

Doing Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are based on focusing only on your pelvic floor muscles and one must relax all other muscles like those on abdomen, thighs, tummy or buttocks.

  • For beginners, it is advisable to perform the simplest of all Kegel exercises which is contracting your Kegels for 5 seconds. Again relax these muscles for the next 5 seconds. Repeat this contraction and relaxation cycle for over 10 times. In case you are unable to contract them even for 5 seconds, then go for 2 to 3 seconds until to increase that time up to 5 seconds. Repeat these sets 3 to 4 times a day in order to make genital passage tighter fast.
  • Next thing one must do to tighten up vagina is to gradually increase the time period of each contraction-relaxation cycle to 10 seconds. Stick to this number and do not try to overdo them or increasing the time more. Make sure that if you are lying down, you lie flat on your back with your arms on the sides.
  • Pull-in Kegels are yet another variation of these exercises. For doing them, imagine your Kegel muscles as a vacuum. Tense your buttocks and then pull your legs up straight in the air by trying to align your legs in a perfect 90 degree angle. Hold this position for 5 to 8 seconds and then relax. Try to repeat this exercise 5 to 10 times in a row until you comfortably reach 10 sets.
  • Once, you have had enough practice and gained expertise in doing them, try to fit in these exercises as a part of your daily routine. As Kegel exercises are stealth exercises and only you know that you are doing them, you can easily do them while standing in the elevator, sitting on your office chair, relaxing on your couch watching T.V., having lunch with your friends, waiting at a stoplight, standing in a grocery line, etc.
Additional Tips

It is crucial to identify the set of Kegel exercises that work the best for you and after you have found them, just stick to them without increasing more time and do them strenuously. Initially, try to perfect your technique and maintain high degree of focus in order to tighten loose genital passage. As we have stated earlier, it is more comfortable to spread them out throughout the whole day instead of performing all of your Kegel exercises at once. These exercises when performed in a disciplined manner tend to show great results within 1 or 2 months.

Vagina Tightening Treatment and Methods

There are a variety of methods including surgical, natural as well as allopathic treatment that make vagina tighter fast. We are mentioning here some famous methods one by one –

Vaginoplasty: Vaginoplasty is basically a plastic surgical method that reconstructs the tissues of genital canal and its surroundings. This cosmetic procedure includes restructuring the mucus membrane and vulva structures to tighten up genital passage. This surgery is opted not only because of loose genital walls occurred by childbirth (genital hypoplasia) or other reasons, but also for treating genetic anomalies or absence of a particular genital part since birth or some accident. Labiaplasty is a cosmetic surgery on the labia done for tightening or getting rid of any asymmetry. But there are major risks of this procedure such as scarring, pain, change in sensations and genital infections, not to forget how costly these surgeries are.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy: If one is having slack genitalia, then one can very well consult a physiotherapist. Such physiotherapic pelvic muscle training procedures help in tightening genital passage and gaining control over the pelvic floor muscles to treat incontinence and prolapse. A well-qualified physiotherapist might assess your private part and design a complete exercise program and make some lifestyle and dietary amendments to provide remarkable results in this regard.

Rejuvenation: Genital rejuvenation is a modification of vaginoplasty that does not basically reconstructs the female genital but tightens the external tissues and removing the other tissues for aesthetic point of view and tightening of loose genital walls. It tends to counteract the effects of childbirth or aging and restore the previous state. The risk factors of this procedure too remain the same as those of vaginoplasty.

Kegel Exercises: As we have discussed above in an elaborated section on Kegel exercises, they very well tighten up vagina and cure fecal or urinal incontinence and uterine collapse by tightening the pelvic floor muscles.

Herbal Treatment: When one talks about no-side effects and 100% natural solution, the name of herbal treatment immediately pops up on my mind. Ayurvedic supplements are packed with all sort of specific natural ingredients which have been in use since time immemorial before allopathic and surgical methods were not even devised. It traces its roots back to 5000 years where experts developed a full-fledged science to heal ailments using exotic herbs and women whose genital passage was loose used these herbs to tighten it. Even in this modern era, they are successful in providing wonderful and side-effects free benefits and probably the simplest ways for how to tighten vagina.

Orgasm and Copulation: Having an orgasm means that a woman is contracting up her pelvic muscles and is discharging the accumulated carnal feelings. Orgasm results in rhythmic muscular contractions that help in toning up the pelvic muscles. More and more you have sexual encounters, more you experience orgasms and more tightened your pelvic floor muscles are. You might be facing issues with your partner so you could tell him to be patient, or may try hand practice as well. But coitus would be way better if you manage it.

Home Remedies: Home remedies make use of readily available kitchen staple as well as ingredients straight out of our homes to treat many kinds of ailments and reproductive organ problems may very well be rectified by them. Mostly, diet changes, certain foods to eat, juices, as well as physical exercises are mentioned home remedies that are perfectly safe and natural. For minor problems, they can prove highly efficient in reducing the size of genital opening and tackles the issue of loose genital passage. There are many options for natural ayurvedic treatment for loose vagina and one must choose the correct one as herbal solution to tighten genital passage naturally.

Yoga and Pilates: Doing Yoga and Pilates is also very helpful to make genital passage tighter fast as they include toning of pelvic floor muscles and strengthening them. As a result, these muscles get tighter on performing Yoga or Pilates on a regular basis leading to tightened genitalia.

Pelvic Toning Devices: Pelvic toning devices are pseudo-medical devices that aid women whose genital passage is loose. They help in carrying out their pelvic floor muscles properly. With the help of these devices, the pubococcygeus or genital muscles get toned up and strengthened. There are many names of pelvic toning device such as Kegel exerciser, pelvic toner, pelvic floor stimulator, pelvic floor exerciser, pelvic toner, pelvic floor muscle toner, etc. Barbells or genital weights, cones, biofeedback devices and electric muscle stimulators are few such devices that help in muscle contraction without much effort and also keep a tab by giving a feedback on whether a woman is performing her Kegels properly.

Home Remedies for Tightening a Vagina

There is vast majority of women out there whose genital passage is loose and are suffering from this upsetting problem. As we have already studied that this problem brings with itself lots of other follies such as incontinence, delayed orgasm and pelvic organ prolapse, it remains a crucial condition of which one must search for an immediate remedies to tighten loose genital passage. Everyone knows that natural methods are the best methods in terms of efficacy and safety. There are absolutely no chances of side effects of herbal methods to tighten loose genital passage and that is what makes these natural remedies very popular and unique.

Diet: Eating a balanced diet is the most crucial thing than any undertaking treatment or following remedies for curing any other disease in this world. Consuming proper food items which are packed with essential micronutrients is not exactly counted as home remedies to tighten loose genital passage but it is a safest natural manner to make vagina tighter fast. The pelvic muscles must also get adequate nutrition in order to make them toned and strengthened. Including lots of organic fruits, organic vegetables, juices, smoothies, organic lean animal proteins (excellent muscle builder) and whole grain organic carbohydrates in your diet will work fantastically in repairing the pelvic floor muscles and assisting in their proper growth.

Aloe Vera: Aloe vera works wonderfully in to tighten up genital passage and it has been clinically proven too. It is full of powerful astringent as well as antioxidant properties. Astringent properties are great for producing a lifting effect to tighten loose genital passage while antioxidants help in toning the walls of female genitalia. Aloe vera comes to the rescue and provides relief even in other problems related to female reproductive part such as itching and dryness. Simply squeeze out the gel out of aloe vera leaves and apply this gel on labia as well as slightly in the genital passage. Following this procedure 2 to 3 times a day for 2 to 3 months will prove very effective.

Oak Gall: Oak Gall or Oak Apple is a common name of herb Quercus Infectoria as used in a variety of ayurvedic treatment by the Sanskrit name ‘Manjakani’. This herb is found in Asian regions and is widely acclaimed for its mind blowing abilities to tighten up genital passage. It is packed with tannins, astringent qualities and phytochemicals which work great together in the contraction of pelvic floor muscles and strengthening the nerves of genitalia. The oak gall extract is directly applied on the genital region and it marvelously rejuvenates the muscles of female genitalia and helps to tighten loose vagina.

Black Cohosh: Another herb basically a flowering plant, known as Black Cohosh (scientific name – Actaea Racemosa) which helps in toning the muscles of genitals and acts as a part of many popular vagina tightening pills. It has a profusion of phytoestrogens that work wonders in this regard. Applying the water extract of this herb over your private organ and repeating this activity 2 times for 2 months would definitely make your genital stronger. This method is generally recommended for women whose genital passage is loose after crossing their 40s.

Curcuma Comosa: Curcuma Comosa contains potent estrogenic qualities which enhance the effectiveness of ovarian hormone and treat loose genitalia. It also assists in increasing the female libido in a natural way. Applying the extract of this herb inside your private part as well as on the surrounding areas on a daily basis and it will help to make genital passage tighter fast and reduce the sagginess.

Witch Hazel: Witch hazel is a shrub whose bark is extremely helpful in treating loose genital walls. Make a fine powder by drying the bark of this herb and then add 2 cups of water in 1 teaspoons of this powder to form an herbal solution. You just have to wash your genitalia with this natural solution once in a week. This solution is full of wonderful astringents that help in regaining back the genital tightness.

Mint leaves: Mint leaves comprise of strong astringents and antioxidants which make genital pasage tighter fast after the first application. Take 8 to 10 fresh and tender mint leaves and boil them in 1 liter of water. After that, pour this solution in a bucket and sit on that bucket so that the steam reaches inside your private region. Ensure that this mint solution is not too hot. After following this home remedy to tighten loose vagina, one will observe the tightening effects as soon as within 15 minutes.

Gooseberry: Gooseberries especially Indian gooseberries (In Hindi – Amla) provide a plethora of positive outcomes when it comes to tighten up your loose genital passage. It is well-known for its fabulous benefits for skin and hair benefits too. Make an Amla extract by boiling 10 fresh gooseberries in plain water to form an opaque concoction. After cooling it, apply this solution over and inside the genitalia before taking bath. Repeat this herbal remedy to tighten loose genital passage every day prior to bathing and you will feel that the genital elasticity as well as tightness has increased manifold.

Pueraria Mirifica: This herb is highly famous as its breast enhancement qualities but also proves great in lifting up the slack genital muscles to tighten loose genital passage. This herb also has abundant amounts of phytoestrogens which promote tissue regeneration and make vagina tighter fast. It is basically a tuberous root and one can make its extract and apply it inside and on the genital area. Even if you want to use natural tightening pills, make sure it contains this amazing ingredient.

Loose Vagina Treatment in Ayurveda

Natural Ways to Make Vagina Tighter Fast

If you are having loose genitalia, do not panic. As there are many cases of females who are currently going through the same agonizing problem. For a woman whose genital passage is loose, the solution to this problem lies in the ancient science of ayurveda which was discovered by our ancestors 5000 years ago. They worked rigorously in researching about the wonderful healing benefits of various natural ingredients. Shabab tablets are outstanding ayurvedic remedies that contain powerful natural herbs which assist in genital rejuvenation. In ancient times, the midwives inserted these herbs into a woman’s genital passage as soon as she delivered a baby so as to reduce the temporary stretching of the genital walls caused due to childbirth and never turns permanent. Shabab is a fantastic herbal product for reducing slackness and sagginess of female genital part. It serves as best solution to the most frequently asked question – ‘How to tighten vagina naturally?’ On regular usage, Shabab tablets ensure mind blowing results and enhance the lovemaking experience for both the partners.

Many females suffer from bad odor from genitals and Shabab tablets alleviate this problem too. The sensitivity of the genital opening and walls is increased manifold which makes copulation extremely pleasurable. Presence of yeast infection in the female private parts is also quite a common phenomenon and these tablets deal with this problem too. The lubrication is also a prominent factor that makes the sessions enjoyable and insertion of Shabab tablets tend to improve the lubrication of genital passage too. Even severe symptoms of loose pelvic floor muscles like uterine prolapse and incontinence are soothed on consistent use of these tablets. All the herbal components guarantee the safety and reliability of these tablets that do not produce any sort of harmful side effects to our health.

As we have discussed earlier in the causes, lack of nutrition to the pelvic muscles also leads to the problem of loose genital walls. The time-tested herbs and natural products used in Shabab tablets tend to provide sufficient amounts of all the vital nutrients that cater to all the deficiencies and requirements of these muscles as well as our overall body. These powerful tablets also help in attaining a perfect hormonal balance and combat all sorts of hormonal disturbances. This hormonal balance leads to optimum functioning of the complete reproductive system. The inflammation in the genitalia is also relieved due to the presence of anti-inflammatory properties. Genital discharge problem is also brilliantly treated by the use Shabab tablets.


The ayurvedic ingredients that are used to make Shabab tablets to tighten your vagina are selected in their pristine and pure form with minimum refining so that all their goodness and effectiveness remains intact. The efficacy and reliability of these components is beyond doubt as they are all time-tested as well as deeply researched. A unique blend is obtained by adding all of these exotic herbs in correct proportion following the norms of ayurveda. A complete list of herbal ingredients (including their scientific names) of Shabab tablets are given below –

Juhi (Jasminum Auriculatum), Gulab (Rosa Centifolia), Majuphal (Quercus Infectoria), Dridranga (Argilla Vitriolutum), Dridbeeja (Acacia Arabica), Suhaga (Soda Biboras), Base

Directions of Use

Insert 1 Shabab tablet into your genitalia before going to bed daily or at alternate days depending upon the extent of looseness of the genital muscles. There is no need to take it out as all these herbal ingredients will get instantly dissolved and work towards restoring the firmness. You may also insert one Shabab tablet inside 1 hour prior to your lovemaking session. These tablets work for around 3 hours.

A word of caution: Shabab tablets are only for genital passage insertion and must not be taken orally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shabab tablet safe to use?

Yes, Shabab tablets are 100% safe ayurvedic product as they are comprised of pure natural herbs that are blended together in right proportions with minimum refining done. They can never produce any sort of harmful withdrawal effects or side effects even after prolonged usage or discontinuing the use. This product is manufactured by a GMP certified company that follows strict testing norms and does testing from every nascent to final stages of manufacture.

What are the ingredients used to make Shabab tablets?

The following natural ingredients are used to make Shabab tablets –

Juhi, Gulab, Majuphal, Dridranga, Dridbeeja and Suhaga

How long do Shabab tablets take to show positive results?

Shabab tablet helps to get a tighter vagina and typically takes between 3 to 4 months time frame to give remarkable results as ayurvedic procedures show wonderful effects only after regular use. This much time is needed so that these tablets undertake and complete the whole healing and nourishing procedure.

How to buy Shabab tablets in India?

One has to purchase Shabab tablets online by visiting our exclusive website for Indian customers – at Shabab Vaginal Tightening Pills. It is an extremely simple to purchase Shabab tablets in India. Just follow these steps –

  • As you have opened, you will see various categories at the top of the page. Bring the mouse cursor over ‘Women Health’ and a drop down menu will get opened.
  • Click on ‘Vagina tightening’ and select ‘Shabab tablets’.
  • Select the required course of tablets package and click on ‘Add To Cart’ button and Shabab tablet will be added to your shopping cart.
  • Now click on ‘View Cart’ and properly check all order details from your cart. Go on to click on ‘Proceed To Checkout’ button.
  • Select the desired payment modes among the 4 options available i.e. bank transfer (NEFT), demand draft (DD), cheque and cash on delivery.
  • In case you have opted for online payment modes, send the details about your address as well as payment procedure through a text message or email to our manufacturers.
  • As soon as the confirmation of payment is done, your order will be dispatched for delivery.

After placing an order, how my tablets will be packed, delivered and received at my house?

We follow the principle of discreet packaging which means that full privacy of the inner contents is preserved. We duly respect the confidentiality of our customers that is why we pack all the products with plain paper so the contents remain completely hidden. The delivery is made by FedEx or Speed Post India within 3 to 5 business days. Only in rare cases of postal delays or rural areas the delivery may take more than that but rest we assure you smooth shopping experience.

Are Shabab tablets sold in a store near me?

No, we do not have exclusive stores selling Shabab tablets or any other ayurvedic products as for now. So, there remains only online medium to buy our Shaba tablets but we totally assure you that we will provide you a delightful, extremely safe and hassle-free experience.

I live outside India. Do you ship Shabab tablets worldwide?

Our international customers can comfortably buy our Shabab tablets to tighten loose genital passage and other ayurvedic products by visiting the website –

We ship our products to almost every country except in countries where use of ayurvedic supplements is not allowed or where our dispatched packages either go missing or are returned back.

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