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NF Cure and Vital M-40 capsules are widely trusted and popular nocturnal emission treatment that help men to stop semen leakage during sleep.

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NF Cure and Vital M-40 Capsules – Nocturnal Emission

Nocturnal emissions are signs of good health until these occur occasionally and do not cause any weakness or debility.

But once these begin to occur too frequently can become a serious trouble. Regular occurrences of night emissions deteriorate the health and exhaust male reproductive system.

NF Cure and Vital M-40 capsules are wonderful nocturnal emission treatment to stop semen leakage during sleep. This problem majorly occurs due to weak nerves in the male genital region.

Strong and energized nerves are needed to stop semen leakage during sleep and this nocturnal emission treatment provides strong nerves and numerous other benefits in a short time.

NF Cure capsules provide ayurvedic treatment for nocturnal emission by elevating testosterone hormone levels and rejuvenating the male reproductive system.

These pills guide the flow of energy towards the male reproductive system and nourish and energize sluggish nerves and organs.

Active nerves not only stop semen leakage during sleep but also delay a male’s ejaculation during lovemaking to cure the problem of PE.

Energized reproductive system keeps a male active in bed, promotes powerful erections and boost-up his potency along with effective nocturnal emission treatment.

Stop Semen Leakage During Sleep

Males suffer from low libido and low semen volume if do not stop semen leakage during sleep. This ayurvedic treatment for nocturnal emission increase libido and also treat the problem of low semen volume by improving testicular and prostate functions.

This nocturnal emission treatment stops semen leakage during sleep and all sorts of involuntary ejaculation and produces sperms in higher numbers to enhance a male’s virility and fertility.

Support for Vital M-40 capsules provides even better results. These pills have been designed to enhance a male’s vitality.

These pills supplement a wide range of nutrients and enhance energy levels to boost-up health and stamina.

Healthy and energetic males keep their reproductive system active and energized too for longer period in life.

In combination with NF Cure capsules, these pills provide long-lasting nocturnal emission treatment.

Along with higher supplementation, Vital M-40 capsules curb the presence of harmful hormones, chemicals and toxins in the blood and rejuvenate all the organs of the body.

These enhance the flow of blood and reverse side effects of poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, health issues, medications and even aging on health and energy levels.

NF Cure capsules remove disorders and weaknesses in the reproductive system to provide nocturnal emission treatment and Vital M-40 capsules help to preserve these positive results for longer period in life.


Are these capsules safe to use?

NF Cure capsules and Vital M-40 capsules both are herbal in nature and harmless for health. These contain no artificial or synthetic material which can cast ill-effects on health.

Strict processes and practices are followed during production to avoid contaminations and impurities. These supplements are safe even for prolonged use and can be used by males of any age to stop semen leakage during sleep.

What are the ingredients of these capsules?

NF Cure capsules come loaded with herbs like – Kavach beej, Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Safed Musli, Swarna Bang, Kesar, Long, Pipal, Jaiphal, Ksheerika, Atimukyak, Shatavri, Purushratan, Bhedani, Dridranga, Brahmdandi, Kankaj, and Haritaki.

Vital M-40 capsules come loaded with herbs like – Kesar, Jaiphal, Aril Myristica Fragrans, Shatavari, Haritaki, Safed Musli, Guggul, Shilajit, Onsom Bracteatum, Long, Ashwagandha, Salabmisri, Pongamia glabra, Sonth, Dalchini, Lauh Bhasma, and Ramyaphal.

These herbs collectively provide powerful nocturnal emission treatment and not only stop semen leakage during sleep but enhance a male’s potency and virility.

How to use these capsules?

You can consume these pills with milk or water to stop semen leakage while sleeping. Consume after breakfast and dinner and maintain regularity. You can consume one or two pills of these at a time.

How long do I need to take these capsules for complete relief?

If you face problems like PE, semen leakage with urine, low libido or too flaccid male organ during normal state continue this treatment for 6 months. Otherwiseduration of 4 months is sufficient to alleviate the problem of semen leakage while sleeping.

What is the preferred diet during this course?

Diet high in vitamins, fiber and minerals and low in fat is recommended during the course of treatment. Exercises will also help in alleviating the problem quickly.

What are the payment methods? Do you offer a COD facility in India?

We will despatch your order the same day we receive your payment. You can send us a cheque or DD or can use NEFT or cash deposit for faster processing. We also offer COD for delivering in India.

How do you ship your products? Will my privacy be maintained? Within how many days will I receive my ordered products?

Once we have received the payment your order will reach you within 3 to 5 working days within India.

We use FedEx for faster and safe delivery and ensure that no details about the product are displayed to maintain the secrecy of your order.

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Blister Pack (NF Cure) and Plastic Sealed Bottle Pack (Vital M-40)

  1. Rakshit Bordia

    I was having the problem of nocturnal emissions since 1 year. But after taking these supplements my problem was cured completely. Highly thankful!!

  2. Sanjay Malhotra

    These are magic pills. I recommend this combo product to those who are suffering from night discharge problem.

  3. Raman Shah

    Yes NF Cure and Vital M-40 capsules can really do as they claim. The formula is proven and tested to ensure that the herbal ingredients work as promised.

  4. Pavan Sharma

    My nightfall problem was cured completely. I have an improved stamina and power. Everything is better.

  5. Ayush Sharma

    This combo product was awesome. These supplements are working really well so far and I’ll definitely repurchase them. I would suggest this to anyone looking to get rid of night discharge problem.

  6. Anuj Kabra

    Amazing product! I have been using this product to stop wet dreams. Worked well for me!

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