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NF Cure and Shilajit capsules are the best ayurvedic cure for problems like semen leakage, excess precum discharge, semen in urine and sexual weakness due to over masturbation.

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Semen Leakage

If you are one of the victims of sexual debilities which cause problems like semen leakage, excessive precum, semen in urine, night discharge and weaknesses like lesser interest in lovemaking or slow arousals and erections.

We have wonderful solution to all these problems. NF Cure and Shilajit capsules are two amazingly beneficial herbal supplements that have been designed to alleviate all sorts of weaknesses and debilities in the male body and reproductive system to cure frustrating and bothering problems.

The problem of involuntary semen discharge whether during sleep or urination or during lovemaking is a sign of weakness in nerves and the reproductive system.

Weakness in nerves and the reproductive system can be due to physical weakness and debility as well because a weak body is unable to supply regular energy to nerves and the reproductive system.

NF Cure and Shilajit capsules energize the body and reproductive system and provide numerous other benefits to stop involuntary semen leakage and bless a male with enviable vitality, virility, and potency.

Buy NF Cure and Shilajit Online In India

NF Cure and Shilajit capsules come loaded with nutritive herbs which supplement nutrients in bioavailable form to remove deficiencies.

These promote a higher frequency of energy-producing reactions and ensure optimum distribution of energy to rejuvenate sluggish systems of the body.

These capsules safely elevate the level of testosterone to reenergize male reproductive system and maintain the flow of energy to keep nerves active and strong.

Energized nerves prevent involuntary semen discharge and provide a male to control ejaculation during arousals.

These capsules supplement minerals and other nutrients to increase sperm count, semen volume and enhance sensation in the genital region.

NF Cure and Shilajit treat night discharge and also the problem of PE and ED by promoting powerful erections. NF Cure and Shilajit capsules make a male extraordinary lover in bed and provide him age-defying virility and potency.

These capsules possess herbs which are hormonal balancers, these herbs provide a calm and relaxed mind and curb psychological causes of the problem.

These herbal pills make lovemaking an exhilarating experience for males and increase his interest and frequency of lovemaking.

NF Cure and Shilajit treat night discharge, semen with urine, excessive precum and other sexual weaknesses and also help a male to quit bad habits like hand practice and frequent arousals without ejaculation.

Shilajit herb used in Shilajit pills is a curer of numerous disorders and promotes healthy prostate functions.

This herb keeps blood vessels healthy to improve the cardiac system and provide a healthy digestive, urinary and respiratory system. These pills provide long-lasting results and allow a male to gain much more from his love-life.


Are these capsules safe to use?

Both capsules are supplements of choice. These are 100% safe and free of side effects and one can use these even for a prolonged duration.

These supplements possess herbs and no artificial substance or material to provide desired results in a safe manner.

What are the ingredients of these capsules?

NF Cure capsules possess herbs like – Safed Musli, Ashwagandha, Kavach beej, Shatavari, Kesar, Shilajit, Swarna bang, Pipal, Lauh bhasma, Long, Purushratan, Atimukyak, Bhedani, Dridranga, Brahmadandi, and Ksheerika.

Shilajit capsules possess pure Shilajit extract. All these herbs make NF Cure and Shilajit capsules in India and all over the world the most dependable treatment for sexual and low energy problems.

How to use these capsules?

NF Cure capsules and Shilajit both do not require any strict regimen. Consume one or two pills of each capsule with water or milk after breakfast and dinner regularly.

How long do I need to take these capsules for complete relief?

If you do not suffer from any severe disorder or have been too much into any bad habits like hand practice, alcoholism, smoking, etc. 4 months duration shall be sufficient.

But in case you have severe debilities continue this treatment for 6 months. NF Cure and Shilajit capsule’s prices are kept keeping in mind that they suit every pocket.

What is the preferred diet during this course?

Eat nutritious food and take good balance of minerals, vitamins, carb, and protein to gain faster results. Avoid fried, processed or high-fat food completely. Stay active and perform exercises.

What are the payment methods? Do you offer a COD facility in India?

You can buy these capsules in India by paying on delivery. You can also choose other options like NEFT or cash deposit on our account and we also accept payments through cheque or DD.

How do you ship your products? Will my privacy be maintained? Within how many days will I receive my ordered products?

We offer the best NF Cure and Shilajit price in India and deliver on time. Products reach within 3 to 5 days at your doorstep through FedEx.

We maintain privacy and cover pack with plain tamper-proof packing so that your privacy is maintained.

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Blister Pack (NF Cure) and Plastic Sealed Bottle Pack (Shilajit)

  1. Ranveer Sen

    I am enthralled that these supplements really work. Cured my semen leakage problem completely!!

  2. Jaydev Singh

    Yes NF Cure and Shilajit really does work – I had semen discharge problem since 1 year. A friend told me about this combo pack. So, I got these supplements and there is a great improvement. Just try it yourself and enjoy your married life.

  3. Poonam Dave

    I ordered these supplements for my husband as he was having sperm leakage problem. But after taking these pills his problem was cured and overall health also improved.

  4. Abhay Ameta

    This combo worked for my friend and he told me that these supplements gave him a harder erection and also increased the strength and power.

  5. Reena Singh

    I purchased these supplements for my husband and they worked better for him than any other. They kept him energized and more confident in lovemaking. The pills didn’t give him any negative side effects either. Would definitely recommend them to others!!

  6. Om Prakash

    I have been using this herbal combo pack it helps to stop semen leakage during urine. Great product to cure semen discharge! I will buy again this product!

  7. Vijender Kumar

    My stamina was so down that I was losing stiffness in the middle of the act. It is such a shame and embarrassment which no one can bear. These supplements in a very less time brought me to a level where I could make pleasing love without worries. In couple of months my vitality, energy and stamina compounded and my intensity in bed multiplied. Now, I am strong, energetic and passionate lover in bed, I bring my woman to mind-blowing climaxes to satisfy her in bed completely. Thanks to these wonderful supplements.

  8. Shubham Tiwari

    Never take your health for granted, that’s the lesson I have learned after almost losing it. I was working hard all right but no exercises, untimely eating, smoking and was sleeping less. Finally, I was exhausted and fatigued and even started gaining weight rapidly. Shilajit and NF Cure capsules were prolific in improving my condition. In few months my vitality was far better. But the time I passed when I was stressed and fatigued proved importance of health to me. If ever someone gets in such trouble trust these supplements you will not regret for sure.

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